Recent Eats

peanut butter toast

  I don’t have a traditional What I Ate Wednesday post today but I do have a collection of recent eats from lunch, dinner and dessert to share! Peanut Butter Toast All I want for the last several days is peanut butter toast! I love it really simple, just toasted cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with peanut butter […]

Giant Chocolate, Gilmore Girls Thoughts & Nespresso (TOL)

Trader Joe's giant chocolate bars

I was in the city Monday night and definitely felt the FA LA LA feeling as soon as I walked out of Penn Station.   It takes a lot to get me out the door and into the city (by train no less) on a Monday night following a holiday weekend but I wanted to go […]

Halloween Candy & Season’s 52 (WIAW)

vegetarian tasting

Before we discuss what I ate yesterday, let’s take a quick look at the amount of candy that arrived home via my son’s trick or treat bag Monday night. Every Halloween I think he comes home with more Halloween candy than the year before but that’s probably because I forget just how much candy he can […]

Our Trip To Hershey Park

super dooper looper

  I am super glad that it’s already Tuesday. It’s a bit tough getting back to the usual routine after being away last week at Hershey Park followed by the long Holiday weekend. I want to quickly recap our trip today and then tomorrow we can chat about yesterday’s 4 mile race! Our trip last week to Hershey […]

Hi From Hershey & Running Round Up

hershey bar

  Hi from Hershey Park! We have been having the best time this week and the chocolate isn’t half bad either… I have lost count of how many chocolate bars and Hershey Kisses I have eaten but hey, it’s Hershey Park. If you are here, you eat chocolate with every meal. 🙂 Anyway, I will […]

My First Half Marathon: Hershey Half (2012)

hershey half marathon

  It really bothers me that I didn’t start my blog until a few months AFTER running my first half marathon at Hershey Park in October of 2012. I miss having the recap to reflect on and remember fondly. The Hershey half marathon was a seriously magical race partly because it was my first half marathon and […]

In A Food Mood (WIAW)

cheesecake factory salad

  I didn’t mean to miss a post yesterday but it just sort of happened. The weekend was crazy which made Monday even crazier for me in terms of catching up that I just didn’t have time to finish up the running post I was working on for yesterday. Here I am now though! And it’s already Wednesday! […]

best long run ever & workout recap

workout recap

Oh hi. Happy Valentine’s Day! So many chocolate truffles to choose from at Godiva! Before you go eat your Valentine’s chocolate, let’s take a look at my workouts from the week. Monday – 3 Miles treadmill & 20 Minutes Elliptical I was not feeling up to a major sweaty workout. Even with Sunday off, I think […]

Trader Joe’s Pantry Favorites

Trader Joe's Pantry Favorites

  Would you believe I made it another whole week without going food shopping?! I’m all excited about this ridiculously minor feat in my life but I remain convinced that getting myself down to one good food shop a week will save me some money and free up my errand-running time for other things. I am […]

Unbaked Baked Oatmeal

unbaked baked oatmeal

    So I think I had at least one reader paying attention to yesterday’s post…. Flowers (pink flowers!!) delivered to my doorstep. WITH CHOCOLATE. Do you know how long I contemplated which truffle to eat first? It’s finally Friday which means it’s time to talk about that oatmeal recipe I promised you! I sort of explained […]

Cast Iron Skillet Baked Oatmeal


    Life is like a box of chocolates. At least my life is, or was this past weekend. And yes, I sampled just about all of them. You can’t hand me a big box of Godiva dark chocolates and expect me to eat just one. Just one chocolate would be dumb. That’s right, dumb. Who […]

Chocolate Fondue Is My Favorite


  Where did June go? Has anyone else realized next Friday is the Fourth of July which means somewhere between now and then June will end and July will begin? I don’t even understand. It is all a blur. This whole week is a blur as well. A good blur of graduation parties, ceremonies, good […]