Dirty Taco + Chocolate Covered Apples + Other Recent Meals

kilwins chocolate apples

Jumping right into recent meals and what I’ve been eating! I had dinner at Dirty Taco over the weekend! I always order the same thing at Dirty Taco because I’m totally boring. But, I also know what I like so why deviate from the plan? It’s important to always start with guacamole. Followed by the […]

Disney World 2016 (What We Did & What We Ate)

chocolate covered apple

  Time to recap our trip to Disney World! It was our fifth time down to Orlando in the last seven years during Christmas Break. I guess you can say that going to Disney this time of year is our thing! Where We Stayed: We stayed at our favorite hotel in Disney World, the Hilton […]

TOL – Chocolate Covered Apples, Taper & New Shoes

chocolate caramel apple

  I had this amazingly chocolatey chocolate covered apple the other night. It was so delicious that I think it’s on my list of best chocolate-covered apples ever. Why I loved it: It had a super thick coating of good tasting chocolate. The chocolate sprinkles were a really nice addition in flavor and texture. There was […]

The Food Mistakes I Made In Disney

  I don’t want to confuse you – today is Tuesday, not Wednesday. I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to discuss what we ate in Disney. First, may I just say that the fruit-waters available at the hotel all day were super fun. Lemon/lime, orange and cucumber one day…pineapple, cantaloupe and watermelon the next… One of […]

Hi From Disney & Running Favorites 2014

Minnie Mouse Chocolate Covered Apple

    The winner of the P & G Prize Pack giveaway is Sheila K! She has been emailed…thanks to everyone for entering! I had my two most favorite foods in the world yesterday which means I could leave Disney World right now and be happy. The first thing we did when we arrived inside Magic Kingdom […]