Lunch In The City + Levain Bakery Cookies

levain cookie

I had a terrific lunch at Lil Frankie’s on the lower east side in the city yesterday. The weather was GORGEOUS so celebrating my friend/co-worker’s birthday with lunch (and dessert!) outside was just perfect. It’s really only fitting that pizza was the main attraction as this is my friend who started the New York City pizza […]

Talking About Biggest Slices of Cake

linda's fudge cake

I’m always interested (and quite often, amused) by the search terms which lead people to my blog. Lately, it seems as though I’m getting all sorts of search combinations on the subject of cake. “Is it okay to eat cake for lunch?” YES. If the cake is what you want, the cake is what you should […]

Let’s Talk Birthday Cake (plus birthday weekend recap)

birthday cake

Happy June 5 to me! It’s still a little bit shocking to me that today is my 39th birthday and that I am at the end of my thirties. I am still sitting here wondering where my twenties went, let alone my thirties! Considering I started out my thirties with a divorce process and a visit to […]

A Super Great Week in Running!

chocolate cake

  Even if I realized that I won’t be running the Long Island half next month, last week was a super great week in running! The early morning sunshine combined with the Passover/Spring break helped me to run my old distances again. I had the time to run each morning without feeling pressured to get the day […]

Forgot The Cinnamon, Trader Joe’s & Recent Eats

Trader Joe's

  Even though my workouts didn’t go as planned last week, my mood was PMS-free! Everything (and everyone) was so much easier to tolerate. My biggest issue last week was going to Trader Joe’s TWO TIMES for cinnamon and leaving BOTH TIMES without cinnamon. I need cinnamon for my oatmeal! How screwed up can a person be to keep going to Trader Joe’s for cinnamon […]

Giant Slice Of Chocolate Cake & Other Random Stuff (TOL)

chocolate cake

1) I had the most giant slice of chocolate cake for dessert the other night. Seriously, I think it’s the biggest slice of chocolate cake ever in my 38 years on this planet. Have you ever seen a slice of chocolate cake this big? Do you know how I live for giant slices of cake? We […]

Highlights From The Week & Weekend Eats

chocolate cake

  What a week. I feel like I say that way too often but it’s how I feel these days! The fact that we are entering February this week makes me really happy though as it means we are getting closer to March. A part of me hates that I rush the days away but […]

Life Lately in Food

chocolate cake

  I went through my phone and realized I have a ton of food pictures so today’s post will be recapping my life lately in food. The food is the important stuff anyway, right?! I felt bad going to Chopt without my son while he is away at camp since it’s his favorite place but […]

Birthday Weekend 2016

grandma's fudge cake

  I love birthdays! Thank you all so much for your birthday comments, emails and messages. So super sweet 🙂 I know we are all waiting to hear what I finally decided for my birthday cake. Let’s talk about the rest of the weekend a bit first and then I promise, cake details! The Workouts: I recapped Saturday morning’s […]

weekend highlights


  The weekend technically started Friday, well, that is if you were a kid living on Long Island. A random and sudden snow storm arrived dropping about a foot of snow Friday morning closing the schools. My son was so lucky! We dug out late in the day, not planning to go anywhere until my friend […]

5 Things I Do Every Day To Make Myself A Better Runner

5 Things I do Everyday To Make Myself a Better Runner

We all know that running gives us time to think and lately, since I have been running on the treadmill, I find I have even more time to think ( I do not know why this is but it’s how I feel). My runs feel even stronger than normal these days and although I think the […]

It’s Okay To Eat Chocolate Cake For Lunch Sometimes

cake for lunch

    It’s snowing again today. School is closed again today. No further comment on the subject. It always seems that I am in need of both a haircut and highlighting touch-up at the same time. It also always seems that every time I look in the bathroom mirror to notice my hair is in need of a salon intervention, I also […]