Long Run, Donuts, Red Mango and Whole Foods Food Bar Fun

  I know you spent your weekend wondering if I found time to make the donuts. Oh…You bet I did. I actually squeezed in some baking time late Saturday afternoon before I went out for dinner. Sushi. Amazing. Sorry. No Pictures. I really wasn’t in the mood to bake but I felt that the activity would keep […]

No Long Run For Me

Fact: I have not missed my weekly long run since the week I added the run to my routine almost two years ago. If for some reason I couldn’t run on a Saturday, I adjusted my schedule accordingly to get the long run in Thursday or Friday. New fact: I am missing today’s long run. I randomly came […]

The Feng Shui

Happy Monday! I don’t know exactly where the weekend went. But it went. I don’t even know what I did exactly…Oh….Wait…. Yes. I. Do. My weekend started with an interesting clean out of some drawers and closets. Do you watch those Hoarding shows? Yeah well, I always wondered how people ended up like that. And now […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Lunch

It is no secret that I am an expert in the area of yogurt parfaits. I am good. Real good. It has taken some practice but I have a technique that is a true winner. I am pretty sure I have touched upon my technique before but in case you missed it, here is a […]

Three Tip Tuesday!

Remember how happy I was on Saturday to report that my last long run before this Sunday’s half marathon was uneventful? Well ever since a few hours after that post, I have been randomly nursing an injured left shoulder. Without any clue how I injured it, especially how I managed to injure it while running. […]

Three Tip Tuesday! – Trader Joe’s

Spin Tuesday how I will miss you…. No no don’t worry, my navicular bone is fine, I am not seriously injured but thanks for being momentarily concerned as to why I will miss Spin… Today is the last Tuesday I will have the opportunity to spin for the next two months as I decided to […]

Matzoh Monday

I can’t recall the last time it snowed on Passover. It is becoming quite clear that Mother Nature missed the memo that my spring began March 1st. I won’t even complain that I can’t run outdoors today. My feet need to rest after running the last two days. My Navicular bone needs the rest actually. […]

Frozen Treats!

The calendar is telling telling me that today is March 14th (not only do I not retrieve my mail on a daily basis, I also am that person who never knows the date). If today is truly the 14th of March, I have a half to run in a month from today as the Fitness […]

Special Deliveries

Spin was intense yesterday. So intense that with about 5 minutes left I hopped off my bike and walked out. I just couldn’t handle another song in the “squat” position. I am never one to walk out but I have been fighting a cold and if you must know, I really needed to blow my […]

How Much Is Your Health Worth?

It was as if Ernie, the spin instructor at Lifetime, read my post yesterday. It seemed as though he wanted to keep the 1980’s alive for me and played an amazing mix of music. As hard and intense as the class was, I couldn’t have been happier to increase the bike’s intensity along to the […]

As Good as Godiva?

Good morning! How is everyone doing today? My legs are no longer tired from earlier in the week; I am so glad I did an elliptical workout yesterday as an easy cross training day. It is about 40 degrees this morning which means I can venture outdoors for a short run before I get busy […]

Spinning Three Tip Tuesday!

Tuesday is that random day in the week where you aren’t quite close enough to Friday yet you can’t even recall the weekend that just passed. Nothing too exciting about Tuesday until lately… Enter Spin Tuesday. I just love Ernie, the spin instructor at Lifetime. It has become my standing appointment where I inform people […]