National Running Day & Recent Eats

national running day

  It feels like I was just making my National Running Day badge for last year and here we are again! National Running Day is always the first Wednesday in June which makes me happy because it is always around my birthday, if not on my birthday, which happened two years ago! For more info on […]

Thought Per Picture/Beach Weekend

pro compression calf sleeves

  Friday may have been all rainy and icky outside but the rest of the weekend was just fabulous. View from the Allegria Hotel rooftop yesterday afternoon. Last Monday I recapped the weekend with a thought per picture and I think I shall do it again. My Pro Compression calf sleeves and I have become best […]

Food Find Thursday

That is not PM folks. That would be 5:34 am. Yesterday morning. Which isn’t that unusual of a time for me to be awake. I actually like getting up early to get some work done in the quiet. The unusual part is that I was wide awake, out of bed, at 4:30 am. Making oatmeal. 5:34 am […]