Friday Favorites! January 19, 2017


    This week went kind of fast. I’ve been so incredibly busy, in so many directions, with so many things, that it doesn’t shock me to turn around and it’s Friday. Not complaining! I need some downtime. Actually, after yesterday’s post about  junk drawers, I have a feeling that I will spend tomorrow morning cleaning […]

Mercury in Retrograde, Chipotle & On This Day


  Just a few random thoughts for today! It was really odd to me when I found my running headband in my underwear drawer but it all made sense when I found my underwear in my headband drawer. Clearly I wasn’t paying attention when I put away my laundry this week. Did you know that Mercury […]

WIAW- Since When Do I Eat Chipotle?


    I am actually surprised that it is Wednesday already. Where is the week going and really, more importantly, where is the summer going? We already started with the school supply shopping last night at Target because I always loved loading up on the school on new notebooks, pens and crayons but I think as […]

Three Tip Tuesday- Hungry Girl

I have been spending a few extra dollars lately at Trader Joes. $2.99 more to be exact. See this vegetable tray? I have developed a new habit where I grab this tray when I walk into the store and snack my way through to check out and  continue the snacking during the car ride home. I have a […]

Long Run and More Secret Menus!

It’s Saturday! Rise and Shine! Lace up and get running! OK, you don’t have to unless you want to…but you should know I was rising and shining bright and early today and already completed my run of about 12 miles. I say about 12 miles because my phone died somewhere around 11.50 miles. My run […]