Healthy Chinese Food + Other Recent Meals

mogu Chinese

Before we talk about food today, I should mention to you my running shoe situation which is still a situation. While I will give the Hokas one more chance, something is telling me that they aren’t going to work out for me. I’m not sure at this point what will work out for me. A […]

Recent Eats + Chinese Food + Tried Duchess Cookies

duchess cookies

Happy Wednesday! Let’s catch up on recent eats with a quick review of Duchess Cookies. I love when I have gift cards for The Cheesecake Factory. We’ve been taking out more than dining out again as of late so I picked up the barbecue ranch salad (without the chicken). The onion strings are still my […]

Recent Meals: Leftovers + Air Fried Chinese Food + Fudge

veggie pizza

Oh, hi. It’s Wednesday already! I have a few recent meals to quickly discuss so let’s get to it… I think this sort of counts as Thanksgiving leftovers. With leftover roasted Brussels sprouts and asparagus plus sweet potato and mashed cauliflower, I combined it all in a bowl and added chickpeas. It was delicious. Who […]

What I Ate on Saturday + How I Make Overnight Oats


Let’s do today’s food post in the traditional What I Ate Wednesday style by looking at what I ate on Saturday. Saturday was my boardwalk run day during which I ran 10 miles. Some people assume that running 10 miles means you become extra hungry but I didn’t feel any different than any other day […]

Take Out Salads + Chinese Food + City For Bagels

take out salads

Last week I mentioned the bored with food feeling. And although that bored feeling is still present, I am really doing my best here. Like, the whole Mother’s Day food situation which I described yesterday. The obvious inability to dine out, unable to get the usual breakfasts we like even as take out, and then […]

Routine, Real Life & Recent Eats

red mango parfait

    I tried really hard last week to find my working groove again. You know how hard that can be after a holiday break, right? But it was time! It was time to get back into routine, for my son to go back to school and for the holiday season to just be over […]

getting back to routine & back to vegetables (week in review)

steamed vegetables and rice

  When I say last week was a complete blur, I mean last week was a COMPLETE BLUR. For several days after the Bar Mitzvah, my life felt like just one extended hour of reliving the details of the weekend. I have reached the point where I am tired of talking about the Bar Mitzvah details […]

Winter Break Weekend Sentence Per Picture

deep dish meatballe pizza

  Chinese food at Christmas time because that’s what Jewish people do. It’s a fact. While passing (actually, being passed) in city traffic by the horse-drawn carriages of Central Park, I realized I have never actually taken one of these buggy rides and I really don’t think I ever will. I feel bad for the horsies. I […]

WIAW – Chinese Take Out, Snacks & More

What I Ate Wednesday 12-16-15

  You would assume that writing a daily blog would help me to be more aware of what day of the week it is but actually, it’s even more confusing this way! Between thinking ahead about post topics and when to publish them, photographing food from one day to share a different day and then  sitting down […]

Vacation From Cooking?

  The little boy (who really isn’t all that little anymore as I watch him inch closer in height to myself) woke up yesterday morning claiming a sore throat in the same sentence as informing me that the first pitch for Mets opening day would be at 1:00 pm in the afternoon. Did he really think […]

Long Run, Rest Day, Chinese Food, Sushi and a Cold Stone Sundae

Weekends are best recapped in food, don’t you think? Let’s start with my little boy’s Chinese food craving that hit as soon as he got out of school on Friday. He walked out of school with an extreme, out of nowhere Chinese food craving and since I never deny the boy an Asian meal, Chinese […]