Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Recipes

top 5 most viewed blog recipes

  I decided to take my top 5 most viewed blog recipes and put them all in one post for today! Who remembers when I used to share recipes on a regular basis? I know, me neither. These days I am lucky if I cook at all, let alone create a new recipe that requires pictures and […]

black bean and quinoa chili

black bean and quinoa chili vegan and plant based

  You are going to love this black bean and quinoa chili! I have a thing about chili. While I do like it, I just never crave a full bowl of chili as a meal. Sort of like meatloaf and my mother’s brisket back in the day when I still ate meat; I never actually wanted it […]

WIAW – Post-Race Appetite


You know you ran your best half marathon when your legs are still sore three days later. I am slowly getting back to normal although my appetite really hasn’t kicked in just yet. I am not exactly complaining considering I hate those relentless hungry days but by now, it’s a little bit weird for me! I […]

WIAW: What I Ate & Why

lentil and black bean chili

  Wednesday = Food. I may not know what date it is on the calendar but when I see Wednesday roll around, I do know it’s time to look at and talk about what I have been eating… Breakfast: I run my best when I eat oatmeal with some banana before a workout but determining […]

Recent Eats 12/2/15

Recent Eats

  In my blogger brain, Wednesday = Food. I am skipping the What I Ate Wednesday fun though in favor of showing you more than just one day of what I have been eating. Breakfasts: I have been hooked on the blueberry pie protein oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter on top…. Yet at the same […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Skinny Menus?

  I have a confession. Remember those Snackin’ Muffins from yesterday? Well, I kind of sort of gave one to my dad, AKA the pickiest eater alive….and purposely failed to mention that bananas were among the ingredients. He didn’t ask what was in them, which shocked me, yet I knew he would find out once he […]