Recent Meals + I’ve Grown Up So Much


This week is flying by! The weather has been nice which has made for great running weather. I truly love running this time of year and won’t even mind when it gets even hotter! Early sunrises and warm weather are just the best for me as a morning runner. I have a few recent meals […]

Beach Lunches + Salad Bowls + Chickpea Pasta


I love that it’s Wednesday already. I’ve put together a whole bunch of random meals from the past few days. Somehow I missed a picture of my oreo shake from Shack Shack and any of the pizza I’ve eaten recently. Not sure how that happened! I had this Chopt salad after a one-hour massage last […]

Hearts of Palm Pasta + Recent Meals + Citifield Food


I’ll start today’s post with another one of my Stoney Clover cups. Chocolate-covered macaroons are the highlight of the Passover time of year for me, by the way. Let’s talk about pasta alternatives. I’m not really a traditional pasta eater but I do find it fun to try the healthier pasta varieties available these days. […]