The Little Beet + Kombucha + Recent Meals

the little beet

I love that it is Wednesday already! The best part of having Monday off is how quickly the rest of the week starts to pass. Okay so first, we need to get back to the Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chocolate chips discussion. I still think the chocolate chips taste different in the new bag. The new […]

So Many Recent Meals To Share Today (Including Red Mango Parfait!)

red mango parfait

I missed last Wednesday’s post about food so for this week, I made sure to capture a few extra meals to share with you. There’s only one slice of pizza in today’s post. The amount of vegetables that they pile on this whole wheat pizza from Monte is beyond believable. You can barely find the whole […]

Diet Nonsense + Recent Meals + Best Bagels

pizza bagel

I’m happy to report that I haven’t seen too much about January diets so far this year. You know, the whole new year, new diet, new challenge, new workout routine, “new you” nonsense? I stopped following so many of those types of influencers over the years because I can’t stand that mindset and the January approach […]

I Hate January Diet Mentality (plus recent meals)


New year, same way of eating over here for me. No January diets for me. I really had no intention of getting into detail here about the whole January diet mentality — it makes me way too insane even to think about, let alone write about. But then I started typing this post and have […]

Recent Meals + Vegan Cobb Salad + Intuitive Eating

vegan Cobb salad

I managed to capture a few recent meals worth sharing with you today!  Happy to be back to my favorite whole wheat margarita slice from Mario’s. Remember last week I went with the veggie slice instead? That was a mistake. Not that the veggie slice is bad, I just like the margarita pizza better right […]

A Few Recent Eats + Popular Recipe Right Now

baked oatmeal

  No one wants to hear that I’m cold or that I despise getting up in the morning (I’ve concluded that I’m not a winter morning person) so I will skip right past my complaining (even though I totally just snuck it in here) and move on to a few recent meals. I had this […]

Cheesecake Factory Crispy Brussels Sprouts!

crispy brussels sprouts

  The real star of today’s post is the addition of crispy brussels sprouts to The Cheesecake Factory menu. I received an email a few weeks ago that they were adding some new menu items and the mention of crispy Brussels sprouts was all I needed to hear. I couldn’t wait to try them! The […]

Lots of Friday Favorites to share today!

meline lucky rainbow

  Lots of favorites to share today so let’s get started! First, MY salad. I know I had deviated from my salad at the Cheesecake Factory in the last few months but I am back to normal again. Can’t order anything else! I enjoyed lunch with a friend this week while catching up on life. […]

Quick Look At What I Ate Yesterday

blackout cake

Just a really quick look at what I ate yesterday! Obviously no breakfast pictures since I gave up remembering to take them! Maybe worth reporting is that I add organic strawberries in the summer to my post run bowl of oatmeal with the blueberries in place of diced apples. My breakfast is very similar to this recipe, […]