Call Me The Carb Queen

super crispy oven baked fries

  Just call me the carb queen. It’s not that I don’t normally eat so many carbohydrates since my diet is pretty much carb-focused, it’s just that right now, I AM ALL CARB-FOCUSED. I am feeling so much better since being sick but what I eat is still on the mend. Vegetables are basically off limits […]

Taper Week Workouts And Race Day Essentials

  I can’t help but think back to last year at this time as I prepare once again for this Sunday’s More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon. You may remember that I had seriously and unexplainably injured my left shoulder exactly one week before last year’s race. I couldn’t lift my arm, didn’t sleep for nine days straight and experienced pain far worse […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Vegetarian Diet Plateau

I was so glad and amused to hear yesterday just how many of us neglect our printers. I was starting to think I was just lazy  but as it turns out, most of us fail to replace the ink, fix paper jams or figure out why our silly printers stop functioning. Like my new Tuesday design? Look […]