Tribe Hummus, Veggie Burger Recipe and Bust Cubby Winner

Good Morning Sunshines! I cannot believe it is already the second day of October. Sure doesn’t feel like it this week considering the temperature is expected to reach 85 degrees today. Yesterday’s 6 mile run wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Maybe I can blame it on the warmer than usual temps? I thought […]

A Quick Hello After My Long Run

Hello and happy weekend! I am back from my long run and ready to relax before enjoying the rest of the weekend. Running these days has been treating me rather well. I noticed my weekly mileage has stayed consistently above 30 miles for a while now and I have been enjoying the crisp morning air that […]

Bust Cubby Giveaway!

You know it is fall when you have a hard time peeling yourself out of your comfy bed and pajamas in fear of the cold air and chill that occurs when getting dressed. Yesterday morning I quickly contemplated the unplanned rest day idea. I was cold, I was tired and I might have even been a […]

Healthy Brand Showcase and Kabocha Squash

What should we discuss first today? The Healthy Brand Showcase or my first attempt at roasting the much-loved Kabocha Squash? Let’s start at the beginning. I ran an easy 6 miles before leaving for the city. My runs have been great and I attribute it all to the suddenly chilly early morning air. The view never […]