Runner Sin + Best Brownies Ever + My Little Boy (tol)

  I recently stopped buying bananas because, well, I stopped eating bananas. How crazy of a concept? All I know is that I started throwing out more bananas than I was eating or looking to freeze so I simply stopped buying them. Pretty sure this is a runner sin. I brought a pair of Lululemon […]

Our Trip To Hershey Park

super dooper looper

  I am super glad that it’s already Tuesday. It’s a bit tough getting back to the usual routine after being away last week at Hershey Park followed by the long Holiday weekend. I want to quickly recap our trip today and then tomorrow we can chat about yesterday’s 4 mile race! Our trip last week to Hershey […]

Cookie Dough Flourless Brownie Pizza

cookie dough flourless brownie pizza

  I am an only child. Did you know that? The stereotype surrounding only children is that we are typically stubborn and selfish, a product of being used to getting our way. As I have gotten older and certainly since becoming a mother, I like to think I became more of a selfless person. For the most part. […]

WIAW- Taper Week & Yesterday’s Eats


  Over the next few days, I will focus  more on carbs (if that’s even possible considering I LIVE ON CARBS) and slowly reduce my vegetable intake leading up to Sunday’s half marathon. Recent grocery store race food/taper week purchases but let’s be real here, I eat these foods anyway! Watermelon has become an important part of my […]

Forecast May Call For Baking

  He told me he loved me. Who knew making the little boy grilled cheese with some bacon on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel Bread was the key to his heart? Now don’t get your panties in a bunch about me suddenly having bacon in the house. It just so happens that I had an Applegate coupon to use […]

Panera Bread Coffee and My New Favorite Fall Recipe

Question for you: When you are given access to the self-service coffee station at a restaurant such as Panera Bread, is there a limit to how often you can refill your cup even if it is assumed the refills are free? And, is it wrong to refill your cup one more time to take with you […]

Coffee And Goodies But No Fast Food

Time to make the donuts….Donut coffee that is. Jelly Donut coffee. When I was at Target yesterday, not only did I spot these new Dunkin flavors, if you buy two bags you get the mug for free. I could not wait to jump out of bed this morning and brew a big mug of jelly […]

Three Tip Tuesday – Waffle Iron Recipes

Spin Tuesday it is not, at least not for me. I once again can’t get to Lifetime which leaves me only with the option to spin next Tuesday before my membership is frozen August 1st. I am not all that upset about missing spin though. I am more than happy to run instead. I ran 5 miles yesterday […]

The Secret Recipe Box

Time for Thursday! Rise and Shine! What’s with my peppiness? Well, we know I am a morning person. So I am naturally up and ready for the day. Although I think I am still on a caffeine high from yesterday morning. I worked from Panera Bread and went a little refill happy with the hazelnut […]