Top 10 from the Weekend

greek salad

    #1 – I am loving these new puffed heart accessories from Marc Jacobs and wish I could find this pattern in a handbag. The puffed heart wristlet does hold a phone though so maybe I could make it work somehow. #2 – Have you see the new Kate Spade ice cream cone phone case? She has a new ice […]

Scenes From The Weekend

chocolate caramel apple

  The Tofu Buff Bowl at Noodles & Co. A chocolate caramel apple from Kilwin’s is as good, if not better, than the chocolate covered apples from Disney World. When there’s so much good chocolate to go around, you don’t limit yourself to just one dessert. The Kilwin’s fudge guy talked me in to the […]

Thought Per Picture

Brownie Sundae

  I have found the perfect combination of Lululemon layers for cold morning runs. Run Swiftly Short Sleeve ->Run Swiftly Long Sleeve -> Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip Remember, I recommend sizing up in these tops. Going a little bigger gives you a little more length which I love when it is cold out so that I […]