Not A Weekly Workout Recap Post


Last week was the first time in oh, nine years, that I didn’t keep track of my workouts in order to write a blog post. I’m such a routine person that it’s actually weird for me to say that I’m tired of the routine of sharing my workouts each week. We all know my workouts […]

Routine Week + Beach Run (weekly workout recap)


I’m happy to report that I had a fairly routine/uneventful week in workouts. After having a bad cold for ten days or so, it was nice to feel normal and boring again! Last Week’s Workouts Monday – 3 Mile Run Tuesday – 3 Mile Walk Wednesday – 4 Mile Run + 11 Min Standing Series […]

Running Every Other Day (weekly workout recap)

beach run

With the long holiday weekend last week, I had included Monday’s workout in last week’s workout recap. As to not confuse anyone though, I’ll pop it back in today’s post as well. I don’t have a ton of additional details to share about my workouts other than saying that I like running every other day. […]

New Stoney Clover Face Masks + Fashion Finds This Week

Long Beach boardwalk run

TGIF. That’s all I can say. I’m really hoping to run the boardwalk tomorrow morning. I miss my summer boardwalk runs so much! The weather should be nice and I do think I have the time so as of now, the boardwalk is my plan for tomorrow morning’s run. Here’s a quick look at what […]

Workout Variety + Boardwalk Runs Are My Favorite

Long Beach boardwalk run

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. It’s hot here in New York but last week’s workouts were not affected by the weather. It’s summer, and I’m used to varying levels of heat and humidity. Granted, the worst of the heatwave is supposed to be today but I don’t find the early mornings […]

Summer Running Weekly Workout Recap

Long Beach boardwalk

  It’s hot, it’s humid — it’s summer in New York. As I said last week, I’m enjoying the early morning running weather even though it’s hot. Yesterday’s boardwalk run was most certainly hot and sunny but still really great. Can’t beat the views…and people watching. It’s nice to see people again. I should really […]

Thought Per Picture/Beach Weekend

pro compression calf sleeves

  Friday may have been all rainy and icky outside but the rest of the weekend was just fabulous. View from the Allegria Hotel rooftop yesterday afternoon. Last Monday I recapped the weekend with a thought per picture and I think I shall do it again. My Pro Compression calf sleeves and I have become best […]