Cupcakes and Friday Favorites


I’ve had a really tough week work-wise. Really tough. Honestly, it’s been a really hard year at work in comparison to the many years I’ve been with my company but this week was the hardest one yet. I stopped for a cupcake one day to make myself feel better. And then I figured I should […]

Black Friday Shopping Deals


I hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving. I’ve actually been sick with a bad cold this week (not COVID) so yesterday was not the typical holiday for me. I did keep some of the desserts for myself at home though and those chocolate fudge-filled cookie cups are as delicious as they appear. 🙂 In […]

Birthday Dinners + Glossier Order + Fashion Faves


FRIDAY! It was another long but fast yet productive week. And Wednesday was my son’s birthday! I can’t even that he is 18. I mean, I’ve been writing this blog since he was nine. Who can even believe that?! I know that I can’t. I look back at posts like You Never Sleep Again and […]

Friday Favorites! ( recent favorite skincare + fashion)

nécessaire body lotion

  It’s Friday! And I’m off today! While the weather won’t be picture-perfect today, I think I may run by the beach this morning. The summer is slipping away and I really want to take advantage of my favorite summer running scenery. I also need to finish my son’s dorm shopping list. He keeps asking […]

It’s Friday Already (Fashion Favorites)

Bloomingdales shoe

Is it just me or are three-day weekends really the best? Like, it’s Friday already. This is very exciting to me. Not that I don’t love my job, nope that’s not it. I just really appreciate the weekends and the opportunity to sleep a little later (not that I really do but whatever, it’s nice to […]

A Few Recent Meals + Magnolia Bakery Cupcake

magnolia bakery chocolate cupcake

Yesterday, I was all excited to report that it was already Tuesday. And now today, while I’m thrilled it’s already Wednesday, it almost snuck up on me in some ways. Like, oh, I need to post about food today? Ok, shoot, let me pull something together. I was in the city at Bloomingdale’s on July […]

Holiday Weekend Sales (Friday Favorites!)

stoney clover pouch

Long holiday weekend time! While the weather is not looking ideal for this July 4th weekend, I’m hoping to at some point (maybe Sunday? hopefully by Monday?) get some time in at the beach or pool. My Stoney Clover pouch is ready. 🙂 Rainy weather means shopping weather, at least for me. There are several […]

Friday Favorites! (Dresses + Glossier + Lululemon)

Long Beach ny

FRIDAY! I’m hoping to get to the beach this weekend (to sit in the sand, not run) as the weather should be perfect. We’ve also got Game 4 of the Islanders playoff series to watch, Father’s Day on Sunday, and oh, my haircut/highlight appointment! Love when I get my hair done. 🙂 I know I […]

Fashion Finds from the Week – On Sale Right Now Too!

fashion finds

Is it suddenly Friday like out of nowhere? Not complaining at all but I wanted to spend more time on this post as there are a ton of good sales taking place this long weekend BUT I ran out of time. Ugh! Instead of not posting the fashion finds I’ve already put together, I’m going […]

Quick Trip To Marco Island + Friday Favorites

Marco island

  Oh, hi! It’s Friday already! What a whirlwind of a week for me. I traveled to Marco Island, Florida early Sunday morning for an event industry work thing (not a bad place to be for work!) and arrived back home in New York around midnight Tuesday night. I am definitely ready for some downtime […]

Friday Favorites February 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

Oh, hi Friday and first of February! Nice to see you. Listing a few favorites for today – have a great weekend! I will talk more about my renewed interest in Yoga in my workout recap (either Sunday or Monday) but for now, it’s worth noting that I reacquainted myself with the website, Do Yoga […]

Friday Fashion Links: Bendel + Abercrombie + Bloomies!

Friday Favorites

So we are supposed to get some sort of Nor’Easter tomorrow with a lot of wind and rain. I’m thinking this is the perfect excuse  and the right time for me to clean out my closet. It’s not that I don’t clean through it often, it’s just that it’s been on my mind to really […]