Blizzard Weekend + Peloton App (weekly workout recap)


Who else had the blizzard over the weekend? It was quite pretty outside my window although the wind was certainly fierce. We ended up with close to two feet of snow (!!) and it’s been very cold too. The good news is that it should warm up this week. Even though I couldn’t run or […]

blizzard weekend favorites

greek salad

  This greek salad from the Premier Diner Friday night before the blizzard hit. And dipping those French fries you see (the crispest ones of course) into the dressing? Perfection. Saturday’s treadmill run was tough but coming home to my favorite post run oatmeal in a jar made it worth it. I loved being snowed […]

workout recap & race canceled

workout recap

Last week at this time, as I published my last half marathon training workout recap, I assumed that right now I would be sitting here saying I was off to the Fred Lebow Half Marathon! Wish me luck! Here’s a look at my taper workout recap! Yeah, no. A taper didn’t happen so let’s look […]

food shopping to beat the crowds & dinner plan

Trader Joe's

  I thought who I was heading to Trader Joe’s yesterday morning at 8:00 am in my attempt to beat the blizzard crazy crowds only to find out that my Trader Joe’s opens at 9:00 am NOT 8:00 am. No problem though, I drove across the street to ShopRite where I had some shopping to do […]

Pro Compression Code & Workout Recap


  You may have noticed an additional badge in the sidebar -> As you know, I love my Pro Compression socks and sleeves and really can’t say enough positive things about them. Being a part of the Pro Compression crew as an ambassador makes me really happy and I look forward to spreading the #keepititight love […]

Snow Day & An Elliptical Workout

elliptical workout

  I really wanted to measure the snow for us using my Hello Kitty ruler but I couldn’t open my front door just now because the snow is blown up against it. My car makes it seem so simple, like flipping a switch can turn the snow and off but it can’t. I was hoping to […]

Taking It Too Seriously

  The weather people are telling me to take the blizzard warning that is currently in effect super seriously. Aside from getting the food shopping done, I am doing my best to not over think the possibility of three feet of snow, school being closed and crazy cabin fever. Taking things too seriously really can lead to over thinking […]

I Won The Battle Of The Treadmill

My level of dedication is on par with the postal service. No amount of snow, not even a negative reading on the thermometer can keep me from my long run. Even if it means the long run will occur indoors on a treadmill. Saying I put on layers just to walk my way into the gym […]

Red Mango, Homemade Pizza And A Snow Day From Running

  If I wasn’t already completely confused as to what day of the week yesterday was, deciding to have Red Mango on a random Thursday afternoon for lunch only added to my confusion. Coconut Greek Yogurt loaded with blueberries, strawberries, Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola, a few sprinkles for good measure and a cherry on top. It […]

After the Storm

So putting the boy to work didn’t go exactly as planned. He did figure out which car was mine (they were all so buried we really couldn’t decide). And then he was done. He lasted 5 minutes. The next 90 minutes were on me to dig my car out. Normally our landscaping crew is here […]

The Bright Side of the Blizzard

Good thing I planned ahead and ran on Thursday instead of today. Easily 2 feet of snow. Now, I am really not one to complain, so let’s look on the bright side, shall we? I was able to make it to the grocery store and stock up on the rest of my essentials: I also […]


Happy Friday friends! It took me a minute to realize it wasn’t Sunday since I ran my Saturday long route yesterday in preparation for the blizzard. It is already snowing outside and I have heard the lines for gas are super long. Everyone is clearly in a panic based upon the gas shortage that occurred […]