City Food + Pizza Tour Stop + Roasted Vegetables

black and white cookies

Let’s back up a bit, back to late last week when I was in the city. Indoor dining in the city has been closed (but is set to reopen this Friday). While downtown in lower Manhattan, we stopped at Little Italy pizza for some pizza to eat outside. It’s a bit strange to eat pizza […]

I Was Sick/Taper Week/LI Half Today

bakery cookies

  I did not intend to skip Friday’s post but I also didn’t intend to get sick Thursday night! Oh. My. Goodness. I caught a hint of my son’s stomach virus which is bad any time of the year BUT ESPECIALLY HORRENDOUS three days before a half marathon! I am feeling better now but it was not fun. Not […]

WIAW – Lots of Matzoh Plus Matzoh Brei Recipe

Is it wrong to wear the race shirt from Sunday if I didn’t finish the race? Take note of the rouching in the back of the shirt; they always make the shirt fit cute which I think has something to do with the fact that this is an all women’s half. Attempting to take photos […]

Cake Selecting and Runtention

I am happy to report that the little boy is feeling better and well enough to go back to school today. Having him home for two days was unfortunate because he was sick but also unfortunate because I lost some ground on birthday present shopping and cake exploring by myself. I never got around to baking […]

Black and White…

I dream in black and white. Black and white cookies that is. I woke up Saturday morning realizing I had a dream about eating black and white cookies. Strange? Maybe for someone else. I actually cannot recall the last time I had a black and white cookie. A local bakery actually makes their amazing black and […]