Happy Birthdays & Workout Recap 12/29/14-1/4/15

Eleni's Bakery Cupcakes

  We need to wish two important people a very happy birthday today…. Happy Birthday to my cousin Amy who you may know as my cousin who just ran the New York City Marathon and has already decided to run it again next year. She doesn’t have a blog but her race recap was one the […]

I Won The Battle Of The Treadmill

My level of dedication is on par with the postal service. No amount of snow, not even a negative reading on the thermometer can keep me from my long run. Even if it means the long run will occur indoors on a treadmill. Saying I put on layers just to walk my way into the gym […]

Perfect Gifts and ShameOnJane Shopping Code!

Back in elementary school, I remember learning all of the Halloween songs in music class. One song in particular always sticks out in my mind because all we did was sing over and over H-A- double L -O- W- double E -N SPELLS HALLOWEEN…… This song came in handy at times when I would forget how to spell Halloween. […]

June 5th

Happy Birthday to me! And a Happy National Running Day to you! I am not one to share but I feel truly blessed to share my birthday with National Running Day. How perfect of a pairing. To properly observe my birthday and this running holiday, I intend to head out for my birthday run shortly. […]