Let’s Talk Birthday Cake (plus birthday weekend recap)

birthday cake

Happy June 5 to me! It’s still a little bit shocking to me that today is my 39th birthday and that I am at the end of my thirties. I am still sitting here wondering where my twenties went, let alone my thirties! Considering I started out my thirties with a divorce process and a visit to […]

Scenes From The Weekend

vegetarian chef salads

  I remembered everything I needed at Trader Joe’s in one shop this time! Food shopping more than once in a week is not what I like to do these days so I was happy to grab everything I needed all at once. My friend Dina‘s birthday was on Friday so we celebrated with a […]

Birthday Recap & Bar Mitzvah Week!

birthday cake

  So, like I want to go on and on about how this is the week of my son’s Bar Mitzvah and OMG I can’t even believe it is here but I know you want to hear about my son’s birthday dinner and dessert from the other night so that’s what we will discuss first. […]

My Baby’s Birthday, He Thought I Was Famous, Bridal Fashion Week (TOL)


  I am officially the mother of a teenager today. Well, technically, my life as a mother of a teenager begins at 12:47 pm which is the exact time that my bunny (remember that’s my son’s nickname) entered the world 13 years ago today which was also the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur that year. When I look at […]

Birthday Weekend 2016

grandma's fudge cake

  I love birthdays! Thank you all so much for your birthday comments, emails and messages. So super sweet 🙂 I know we are all waiting to hear what I finally decided for my birthday cake. Let’s talk about the rest of the weekend a bit first and then I promise, cake details! The Workouts: I recapped Saturday morning’s […]

SoulCycle & Pure Barre Birthday Celebration (workout recap)

pure barre

Happy Birthday to me!! My friend Dina is so awesome. She treated me yesterday to a special morning of birthday workouts: my first SoulCycle class directly followed by a Pure Barre class! The best part – the double workouts were her idea! I still can’t get over that. Just look at her endorphins on display as we arrived at Pure Barre […]

June 5th, Tush Issues & Birthday Cakes

spin bike in bloomingdales

  I have been having random comment reply issues. If I haven’t replied to your comment (including some comments on last week’s posts), I do apologize. Have I mentioned that my birthday is Sunday? Yes! June 5th! Since my divorce, I have dated a lot of men (stories for another time) but three of the more […]

WIAW- Birthday Edition

birthday cake

  I apologize if you had any difficulty loading my blog yesterday. While I cannot explain the issues, I had them as well, which is also the reason I am behind on responding to your comments. I hate when things like this happen! Luckily I was able to get into my site to write this […]

My Baby’s Birthday & Why I Now Meal Plan

benji and me

  My best little friend, also known as my son…my bunny…my baby…turns 12 today. How could this be? Wasn’t my baby just a baby?! I remember saving that Elmo airbrushed shirt for him to wear on his first birthday. Along with that first birthday king crown (October 6, 2004). So, it became clear to me that […]

It’s Never Just Another Day

september 11

  So long as I have this blog, I will never be able to write about anything else on September 11th because it will never be just another day on the calendar to me and writing about Friday favorites, sharing recipes that involve peanut butter or talking about running just seems wrong for me. I […]

Birthday Weekend Highlights

birthday selfie

  Sometimes it’s easier when your birthday falls on a silly day, like a Tuesday, because when it hits on a Friday, especially in June, you enjoy yourself way too much all weekend and are just not ready for Monday to come. So let’s see. We sort of left off that I ran ten miles […]

birthday week workout recap

birthday mug

  It’s a good thing I type down my workout recaps each day as they happen otherwise I would be sitting here staring at a blank computer screen with nothing to say. Do you know that I just scrolled down to see I had a treadmill run earlier this week and it took me a minute […]