Birthday Dinners + Glossier Order + Fashion Faves


FRIDAY! It was another long but fast yet productive week. And Wednesday was my son’s birthday! I can’t even that he is 18. I mean, I’ve been writing this blog since he was nine. Who can even believe that?! I know that I can’t. I look back at posts like You Never Sleep Again and […]

Food Highlights from My Son’s Birthday Weekend

margarita pizza

  I’ve got a nice round-up of meals to share today from my son’s birthday weekend! I love that my son’s birthday falls right around the start of the hockey season. It’s just so fitting for me to have had a baby born this time of year. I don’t even know if I fully realized […]

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes + Birthday Meals + What I Bought

hello kitty chocolate fudge cupcakes

  We left off on Wednesday with a bit of a dessert situation. All I wanted was a chocolate fudge cupcake and somehow I could not locate one. Thankfully, my dad saved the day. He showed up on my birthday with not only chocolate fudge cupcakes but hello kitty chocolate fudge cupcakes. These chocolate fudge […]

How Is It My Birthday Again?

linda's fudge cake birthday cake

  Explain to me how it is my birthday again?! Doesn’t it feel like yesterday that I was telling you about my 40th birthday weekend in my This is 40 post?! Shoot, that was a year ago now. My friends and I are all in agreement that it feels literally like yesterday that we were laughing […]

Friday Favorites + My Bunny’s Birthday!

Henri Bendel packable tote

This week flew by in a flash which says a lot since I came home from Florida Sunday night. You never know how the week after a fun weekend away will be, you know? And now it’s time for another fun weekend ahead! I have a whole bunch of Friday Favorites to share today so […]

Birthday Favorites: Spa Day + Carmen Sol + Houston’s

birthday brunch

Oh boy, what a week. I think I’m thrilled it’s Friday as I still need time to return to normal. Well, a new normal under the realization that I am now 40. Am I really old enough to be 40?! It’s really been a full week of ultimate nonstop birthday fun but it’s time to […]

This is 40?!


  Well anything I thought I would be posting for today (my 40th birthday!) went out the window when Heather surprised me on Saturday by flying in from Florida. I had absolutely NO IDEA on Saturday that she was coming and I made everyone NUTS with figuring out how to get me to be somewhere […]

Quite The Birthday Surprise (!!) + Workout Recap


  Excuse me this morning. I am just a little thrown off (to say the least) because my best friend Heather flew in from Florida yesterday without me knowing to surprise me for my birthday! I had no idea she would be here this weekend AT ALL but now she’s here, and she’s here for […]

Birthday Cake & Weekend Highlights

sugar factory

  Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes for my son on Friday! I wish I would have gotten pictures from his birthday dinner BUT I didn’t so let’s just jump right to the birthday cake. Earlier in the day on Friday, I picked up a birthday cake to have at home after dinner. […]

The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short


    Can someone please tell me how my son is 14 today? Like how is this picture from my baby’s first birthday in 2004, 13 years ago?! He was so excited to wear this airbrushed Elmo shirt (and king crown!) on his birthday. Or maybe he didn’t care about his Elmo shirt and it […]

Birthday Fun in the City & Dinner at Hillstone

forty carrots frozen yogurt

  Monday birthdays can actually be really amazing. It’s waking up on Tuesday to realize it’s only Tuesday and you have to jump back into regular life after your birthday that can be a bit of a problem. The first day of 39 though was worth being beyond tired yesterday to the point where I skipped […]