Billy Joel New Year’s Eve + Some Recent Eats

town bagel salad

Does anyone know what day it is? This week is going to feel weird until it’s over, isn’t it. That’s just how it goes with the holidays. So. While I find most New Year’s Eve hoopla overrated, Billy Joel was playing at the Coliseum so like, why not go?! I’m not much of a concert […]

Totally Just Thinking Out Loud

Billy Joel CD

  I felt terrible that Amanda, (our Thinking Out Loud host) had to deal with major website issues this week. I tried my best to help her through the disaster (when your site is going nutty it is truly a disaster) but I am borderline useless around computers. At least I think I am, sometimes […]

Thought Per Picture

Brownie Sundae

  I have found the perfect combination of Lululemon layers for cold morning runs. Run Swiftly Short Sleeve ->Run Swiftly Long Sleeve -> Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip Remember, I recommend sizing up in these tops. Going a little bigger gives you a little more length which I love when it is cold out so that I […]

Thinking Out Loud- Pretzel Spoonz And An Ah-Ha Moment

  In honor of Amanda, our Thinking Out Loud host, check out the newest pretzels from Snyders: Pretzel Spoonz! Click on the image or here for the link to the Hungry Girl article all about these new perfect-for-dipping Pretzel Spoonz. I love a fun utensil but I never really cared for the pretzel. Are you a pretzel […]