Thinking Out Loud

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  I think I have finally grown up. Or at least matured in my thought processes. Normally, if someone tells me a story or current life issue, I quickly liken their experience to an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. However, in the last week, I find myself comparing my friend’s experiences to Sex and the City instead. Major […]

Long Run and More Secret Menus!

It’s Saturday! Rise and Shine! Lace up and get running! OK, you don’t have to unless you want to…but you should know I was rising and shining bright and early today and already completed my run of about 12 miles. I say about 12 miles because my phone died somewhere around 11.50 miles. My run […]

Friday Confusion

I would be excited that today is Friday but I am too busy being confused by a few situations in my world. Confusion #1 Let’s start with dinner last night at my house: The boy arrives home from school and sits down right as I am about to get dinner on the table to tell […]