Recent Salads and Meals Plus What’s Back In Stock


I held off a day on my usual Wednesday food-related chat because I’m off from work today which makes it easier to gather details together. While I don’t celebrate Christmas, I certainly appreciate this time of year for the it’s-the-holidays-time-to-take-off vibe! Just a few meals and things to share for today….let’s take a look. I […]

Recent Meals On A Friday


Is it okay to share recent meals on a Friday instead of Wednesday?! There’s no particular order here to what I’ve been eating. Just a quick round-up of what’s been on my plate. Here’s another big salad bowl from CAVA! I usually stop into CAVA once a week. I will definitely give them credit for […]

What I Ate In The City Last Week


As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I was in the city last week for work and it was a lot of fun! I’ve been going into the city more often lately to hang in the office but last week we had a lot of people in town so I stayed for a few days rather than […]