“Cut Back” Week + Taking The Stairs + Beach Run


Happy Monday. I’m excited to have a shorter week ahead of me with July 4th weekend on the horizon! I felt a bit tired at the end of last weekend and wasn’t sure if it was from running so I cut my mileage ever so slightly this past week in an effort to make it […]

Summer Season Beach Favorites


Friday! I didn’t intend to do a whole Friday Favorites post around summer season beach favorites but as I started putting it all together, I noticed a theme. Can we first please discuss my excitement over using my Stoney Clover x Target beach accessories? The pink-on-pink heart towel, the beautiful beach bag, and the flat […]

Beach Lunches + Salad Bowls + Chickpea Pasta


I love that it’s Wednesday already. I’ve put together a whole bunch of random meals from the past few days. Somehow I missed a picture of my oreo shake from Shack Shack and any of the pizza I’ve eaten recently. Not sure how that happened! I had this Chopt salad after a one-hour massage last […]

Love a Long Weekend (weekly workout recap)


I love a long weekend! I’ve been off since Friday and have really enjoyed the lack of routine and unofficial start of summer. Aside from one morning in the last week, the weather has been nice enough for outdoor runs or walks. While Saturday’s weather went from nice to stormy to nice, I’ve been at […]

What I Ate In Florida


  I’m back from Florida! I really shouldn’t use an exclamation point on that statement because I wasn’t exactly happy to leave the warm weather to return to what is still winter here in New York. Ugh. Anyway, I’m ready to share some of the meals I had while in Florida. While I thought about saving […]

Running Every Other Day (weekly workout recap)

beach run

With the long holiday weekend last week, I had included Monday’s workout in last week’s workout recap. As to not confuse anyone though, I’ll pop it back in today’s post as well. I don’t have a ton of additional details to share about my workouts other than saying that I like running every other day. […]

A Summer Of Boardwalk Runs + Weekly Workout Recap

Long Beach boardwalk

  Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend. So I still don’t know where the summer went. Although if I look back over the last few months, the season was definitely highlighted by my weekly boardwalk runs. I don’t even think that I had the initial intention of running by the […]

Summer Week In Workouts (7/27 – 8/2)

Long Beach

Another week in workouts in the books for this summer! It really is crazy how the time is flying. Like we say about parenthood, the days are long but the years are short. Sometimes it truly does feel that way about everything. Anyway! I’ve detailed my workouts below so let’s get to it. Monday – […]

Weekly Workout Recap (8.19.19 – 8.25.19)

hotel gym

My week in workouts last week began with a trip to Marco Island, Florida. Travel workouts for me involve 30 minutes of easy gym time or a walk outdoors. I don’t always pack my sneakers when I travel but when I do, it’s never with the intention of completing hard workouts. Or even running. A […]

Summer Weekend + Recent Eats + Pizza As Part of Healthy Lifestyle


  Normally I would be due for a Trader Joe’s post so that you could see what I’ve been buying and eating lately. Right now though, with my son away, I’ve been dining out crazy often and hardly stocking the house with any food! Aside from basic salad ingredients, coffee, chocolate chips, and oatmeal essentials, […]

snacks, brunch, the beach & happiest moment in my life!

Premiere Diner baked oatmeal and yogurt parfait

    I needed to restock the kitchen a bit over the weekend before my son arrived home from camp. Since he always complains about Trader Joe’s cereals (and really, Trader Joe’s anything), I did my best to get some non-Trader Joe’s snacks and cereals that would hopefully meet my son’s requirements. I thought he would love […]