Booster Shot + Running Mood (weekly workout recap)

New York weather

Last week was short yet a long one! Some notes before getting to my workouts: Booster Shot: I got my booster shot last Sunday. It wasn’t too bad but I did take off on Monday from any type of workout. Running Mood: My mood for running returned after a week of not really feeling like […]

New Year, New Running Shoes (weekly workout recap)

brooks ghost 14

  I’m not going to lie, getting up early again and squeezing in a workout today before work is super hard after being off several days over the last two weeks. While I’m totally a morning person, I do appreciate NOT being on a schedule and definitely fell into a later morning routine during the […]

Workouts from Last Week (Barre3 soreness + Cut My Run Short)


I missed Friday’s post mainly because my Macbook Air has been giving me keyboard problems which makes typing a chore.  I’m in the process of setting up and transitioning to a new laptop but I can’t get the new laptop’s internet to work just yet (don’t ask – I thought Mac’s made life easier?!) so […]

I’m Trying A New Online Workout Platform (workout recap)

MWH Method

The title of this post might be a little misleading. I am trying a new online workout platform but the platform itself is not exactly new, it’s just new to me. After moving away from my Pure Barre On Demand subscription in the last year, I knew at some point I would likely sign up […]

You Won’t Even Believe Me (workout recap)

FIRE yoga

First, please forgive me for not sharing Friday Favorites and fashion links lately. Work has been so busy (which I am totally grateful and thankful for) but during my downtime, I’ve really needed to take a break from my computer screen. I’m hoping though to get a Black Friday post together for later this week. Second, […]

Tried Barre3 (And Like It!) + New Adidas Solar Boosts

Adidas solar boost

So last week I decided to try Barre3 workouts. After six solid years of Pure Barre, it’s been fun and rejuvenating to do something different. For quite some time, I refused to look at other barre routines but now? I’m really enjoying the variety of trying different barre workout styles and variations. During my first […]