Back To Barre (weekly workout recap)


A couple of notes before getting to my workouts from last week: Just as I said in last week’s post that ideally, I would like to take two barefoot sculpt classes a week, I didn’t take any and instead tried two new-to-me barre classes. Which I LOVED. Two different teachers yet both styles were fairly […]

Workout Variety + Figuring Out Equinox Routine


So I’m still in the mindset of not wanting to write a weekly workout recap each week but I did join Equinox so I feel like I should give some updates on how that’s going. I love it. It’s been so fun and rejuvenating to my workout routine and mornings! I don’t think I even […]

Trying All of the Equinox Classes


Last week was my first full week at Equinox. It really does feel great to be back in the gym atmosphere and I’m loving the whole Equinox experience. My main excitement over joining Equinox is the access to so many great classes! Last week at Equinox I tried: Barefoot Sculpt One-on-One Pilates Spin Barre I […]

Workout Recap + Red Mango


Last week’s workout recap spoke about how I ran five days with higher mileage than usual and now this week, I only have two runs to report. It happened this way for no real reason (well, rainy days added to it!) but I’m hoping to run a bit more again this coming week. Before getting […]

Workouts Are The Calm Before The Day Starts

  With late sunrises in the winter, my time frame for outdoor workouts during the week is much shorter. This doesn’t really bother me at the moment. I’m happy to run three miles (sometimes four, really depends)  just to get fresh air and that calm before the storm of my day. Work has been really […]

Week in Workouts (less running + lots of yoga – who am I?!)

pro compression

  I’ll just keep reminding everyone (including myself) that I’m so very thankful that I learned to like running less over the last few years and be more than okay with other types of workouts because the weather right now is not exactly outdoor runner-friendly on a consistent basis. At least not for this outdoor […]

I Like Other Workouts Too (weekly workout recap)

FIRE yoga

Last week I mentioned that running less may become a trend for me this winter and in some ways, that’s already the case.  While I did get outside over the weekend, the majority of my workouts last week were indoors, and not on a treadmill. Remember, the gym in my community is requiring masks and […]

Less Running May Become A Trend For Me + Favorite Running Mittens

lululemon running mittens

Happy Monday. I’m checking in quickly today with my workouts from last week. I ran less than usual although, I do think come this time of year, this less running trend will likely continue. I don’t always feel like going outside to run in the cold morning air and I think it’s totally fine — […]