Penny On Heads + Glossier Faves + Friday Finds

salad and bagel

Woah, what a week. Starting with the holiday on Monday, everything felt packed in and thrown off. Work is so busy (which is such a good thing!), and the shortened week threw off my days. Before I knew it, it was Friday. As in today. As in, I missed Wednesday’s post and am about to […]

Bar Mitzvah + Workouts From The Week

Bailey 44 dress

Happy Monday! I’m sharing my workouts from the week today instead of yesterday because I was upstate real quick over the weekend to attend a Bar Mitzvah. Worth noting is that today is the two-year anniversary since my son’s Bar Mitzvah, how crazy is that? I’m also here to say that I’m glad I bought this […]

Baking Cookies + Sorting Through Bar Mitzvah Photos (TOL)

bar mitzvah

  Is it Friday yet? I think I want a new coffee maker. I’ve been using a Keurig for 12 years and a part of me feels like switching back to the old-fashioned concept of brewing a full pot of coffee. Thoughts? Which type of coffee maker do you use right now? We made chocolate […]

Bar Mitzvah: A Year Later + Excuse To Eat Cake

bar mitzvah

  I can’t tell you how many separate drafts I started for today’s post. The fact that the Bar Mitzvah was a year ago now had me feeling all sorts of nostalgic emotions leading up to this past weekend and I didn’t really know how to address it. ^From the Friday night Shabbat/Bar Mitzvah services. […]

5 Highlights From The Week

Cheesecake Factory Salad

  Happy Monday. 🙂  I have 5 highlights from the week to share today! AllSeated’s blog was listed in the Top 100 Event Planning Blogs last week! As you may already know, I handle all sorts of content and social media for AllSeated. AllSeated’s blog, which is one of my main responsibilities, is my baby. I take their blog […]

Happy Run Time & Entenmann’s (TOL)

bar mitzvah

  The mornings have been extra nice this week. My son doesn’t have to be at school until 10:00 am because we opt out of the New York State tests that are being given this week. This means I get to sleep later and RUN LATER. I don’t like to run too late but I also […]

Friday Favorites – December 2016

Friday Favorites

  I am back with another round of Friday Favorites for this week!   Green Mountain Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Coffee: Between yesterday’s post and now today, I think it’s obvious that I like my cups of coffee. Have you tried Green Mountain’s Cinnamon Sugar Cookie coffee yet?! The aroma coming from the coffee mug when this coffee brews is simply amazing […]

Candy Table Pictures! Plus Some Recipes of Interest

candy table

  I received the link to the Bar Mitzvah pictures yesterday from the photographer! While it’s going to take me FOREVER and a day to really sort through all of the photos to decide which will make it to albums and which will be blown up to be framed, I did jump down to the end of […]

New Clothes, Salads & Baked By Melissa (week in review)

baked by melissa

  What a difference a week makes! Although there are still some minor Bar Mitzvah details lingering around (like waiting for the pictures from the photographer and coordinating the service video from one videographer to be edited into the party video from the other videographer) I definitely felt more like more like myself over the last several […]

Warm Up Songs, Coffee Mugs & On This Day (TOL)

heather and me

  I call these songs my warm up songs since I listen to them every morning as I warm up during my run. Still Falling For You – Ellie Goulding Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift Out of Style – Taylor Swift Thoughts on my song choices: I will never grow tired of any of these […]

getting back to routine & back to vegetables (week in review)

steamed vegetables and rice

  When I say last week was a complete blur, I mean last week was a COMPLETE BLUR. For several days after the Bar Mitzvah, my life felt like just one extended hour of reliving the details of the weekend. I have reached the point where I am tired of talking about the Bar Mitzvah details […]

Do I really want to run this half marathon? (workout recap)

NYCRUNS falling leaves half marathon week #5

Lately I can’t help but feel grateful for not being accepted to run the New York City Marathon. Does anyone remember that I applied to the lottery earlier this year? It would have been my first marathon but thankfully, everything works out the way it should because this was definitely NOT my year for training […]