What I’ve Eaten Lately


Time for recent meals again! I had a vegetarian salad bowl from Maoz over the weekend. Maoz has always been a favorite of mine – especially back in the day when I could load the toppings myself into the bowl at the city Maoz locations. For this Maoz salad bowl, I had them drizzle tahini […]

Dirty Taco + Chocolate Covered Apples + Other Recent Meals

kilwins chocolate apples

Jumping right into recent meals and what I’ve been eating! I had dinner at Dirty Taco over the weekend! I always order the same thing at Dirty Taco because I’m totally boring. But, I also know what I like so why deviate from the plan? It’s important to always start with guacamole. Followed by the […]

So Many Recent Meals To Share Today (Including Red Mango Parfait!)

red mango parfait

I missed last Wednesday’s post about food so for this week, I made sure to capture a few extra meals to share with you. There’s only one slice of pizza in today’s post. The amount of vegetables that they pile on this whole wheat pizza from Monte is beyond believable. You can barely find the whole […]

Was Hoping For A More Traditional What I Ate Wednesday

wild fig salad bowl

I had the grand idea in my head to write today’s What I Ate Wednesday post in the traditional format by sharing one full day of meals. Well, that plan quickly went out the window simply because I kept forgetting to take pictures of breakfast. Remember the other grand idea that I had last week? […]

Not Sure What I Want To Eat Phase

wild fig

I’m in my not sure what I want to eat phase. It’s not fun. I hate standing in the kitchen completely unsure of what it is I’m in the mood to eat. It’s actually so funny to me how I get so bored with what I eat for lunch and dinner but never get tired […]

My Son Drove Us To Chopt + Good Round Up Of Recent Meals

dirty taco

I have a good round-up of recent meals to share today! At least I think so. 🙂  See this Chopt salad? There isn’t much worth discussing in regards the actual salad. Rather, the important part is that my son drove us from our house to the shopping center where Chopt is located for lunch. We […]

Trying To Resume Normal Eating + Love Banza Mac & Cheese

Whole Foods basket

  I don’t have much to share when it comes to food this week. After being sick with such a severe sore throat/tonsilitis, I’m gradually getting back to normal eating and feeling like my usual self. As you may recall from my stomach virus experiences, I tend to get stuck in eating patterns after being sick […]

Recent Salads + Banza Pasta + Usual Pizza

whole wheat margarita pizza

  It’s already Wednesday! I hope the week continues to go fast. Let’s take a look at some recent salads and other meals from the last few days! There was this salad from Chopt the other day. We will not discuss the Islanders logo in the background. I am not ready to be finished with […]