Where Did The Weekend Go?

  Seriously, where did the weekend go? Saturday for me was spent binge watching Say Yes To The Dress and the Islanders/Rangers game while I had the painters at my house (!!) painting a few rooms. Big deal over here because it took me FOREVER to narrow down my colors. The Say Yes To The […]

Friday Favorites On Thursday!

Henri Bendel influencer tote

I feel off schedule this week although lately that’s really nothing too new when it comes to my blog. Just pointing it out again for anyone wondering why I am posting less. It’s not like I don’t notice like you do! There’s no particular reason really, I think it’s a combination of being busy writing […]

Short Week + Food + Fashion


  Of course I woke up and thought today was Monday but was pleasantly surprised to learn it’s actually Tuesday! Not that school starts for us today or anything like that. Nope. Not until tomorrow. Some districts start this morning but of course I’m in the district that starts tomorrow. Yet still, it’s nice to […]

How I Pick New Makeup + Favorites

dior makeup

      Want to know my trick for deciding if I like new makeup before I buy it? I rarely buy new makeup the first time I experience it. I’ll have the new makeup put on me and then I walk around the rest of the day to make my decision. I want to […]