My Running Foods + Cipollini + We Work Beverages


It’s already Wednesday! I hope the rest of the week flies as fast as the first half of the week has flown by! I’m going away next week so I’m antsy to get through this week and start packing for my trip. In the meantime, let’s talk about recent meals. I’ve been eating more sweet […]

What I’ve Eaten Recently!

plant wise

Since I missed last Wednesday’s post, I included some extra meals and things to make up for it! I was very happy to see that Trader Joe’s had Ginger Turmeric Tea back in stock. I bought three boxes as well as my other necessities like chocolate chips, frozen blueberries for my daily oatmeal, and salad […]

Mandarin Oranges vs. Clementines + Plus A Few Recent Meals

Sicilian Pizza

Well, suddenly it’s Wednesday and I’m here to talk food yet I don’t have much food to show you today. Oops. I haven’t taken a picture of the salads I’ve been eating daily at home because they look the same as every other week. I’ve been eating a lot of the cutie clementines, or so […]

City Food + Pizza Tour Stop + Roasted Vegetables

black and white cookies

Let’s back up a bit, back to late last week when I was in the city. Indoor dining in the city has been closed (but is set to reopen this Friday). While downtown in lower Manhattan, we stopped at Little Italy pizza for some pizza to eat outside. It’s a bit strange to eat pizza […]

Diet Nonsense + Recent Meals + Best Bagels

pizza bagel

I’m happy to report that I haven’t seen too much about January diets so far this year. You know, the whole new year, new diet, new challenge, new workout routine, “new you” nonsense? I stopped following so many of those types of influencers over the years because I can’t stand that mindset and the January approach […]

Hot Cocoa Bomb + Recent Salads + Missing Disney

hot cocoa bomb

So suddenly the hot cocoa bomb is all the rage, right? I received a hot cocoa bomb as a corporate holiday gift (what a great gift to send someone!) but of course, my son took it from me. He used the snow day as his excuse to need my hot chocolate. So basically, you drop […]

City + Bagels + Nylon Totes + Fashion Finds (Friday Faves)

cinnamon raisin bagel

Oh, hi! It’s Friday! I was a little thrown off by exciting happenings in my world this week. As I mentioned a while ago, my relationship is long distance for this year. Long-distance as in, overseas at a location I can’t even visit. BUT! He was able to come back this week for some work-related […]

Penny On Heads + Glossier Faves + Friday Finds

salad and bagel

Woah, what a week. Starting with the holiday on Monday, everything felt packed in and thrown off. Work is so busy (which is such a good thing!), and the shortened week threw off my days. Before I knew it, it was Friday. As in today. As in, I missed Wednesday’s post and am about to […]

First Indoor Dining + Mixing Up My Salad Ingredients

rothmanns sushi

I had my first indoor dining experience since March over the weekend at Rothmann’s. Certainly not a bad place to start! While I don’t eat steak, the menu is still packed with other options that I love. We had the mozzarella tower to start. I ordered two sushi rolls plus shared the steakhouse side dishes […]

I Hate January Diet Mentality (plus recent meals)


New year, same way of eating over here for me. No January diets for me. I really had no intention of getting into detail here about the whole January diet mentality — it makes me way too insane even to think about, let alone write about. But then I started typing this post and have […]

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels + Kristin Ess Products + Tie-Dye

fresh cinnamon raisin bagels

  I’m so glad that it’s Friday! And so glad that I feel better. By yesterday, I even felt my appetite return to pretty much normal. It was getting weird to not be hungry, or even when hungry, not really want to eat anything. I had to give major thought to what I would really […]

Recent Meals + Bagel Cravings

salad with bagel

I’m proud of myself for getting my food act together for this post! First, here’s my Chopt salad to go. Pretty sure it was my usual mix of spinach, romaine, beets, roasted brussels sprouts, quinoa, avocado, and I think spicy peppers with lemon tahini on the side. While my Chopt salads never really look like […]