Are Bad Runs Really Bad Runs?

is a bad run really a bad run?

Quick little running post today! Last week while running fairly slow for me, I had a thought. Am I running slower than usual because I am having a bad run? I don’t feel bad, in fact I feel really happy right now at this pace. So why would I associate running slower than usual as […]

New Keurig And The Fitbit One

  I know you are wondering who/what/when/where and how my first cup of coffee happened yesterday morning after my Keurig incident. It turned out that I was able to play around with the old machine just enough to squeeze out a cup of coffee. But that didn’t matter – all trust was lost. It is quite possible my […]

A Bad Run Plus a Spontaneous Day in Manhattan

I did not have a good run yesterday morning. At all. Three Ways To Set Yourself Up For Disaster: 1 – WARM UP – I know we are supposed to warm up before running but I have found that for me, if I start out walking even more than 10 steps from my front door, I don’t run as well. […]