WIAW- We Are A Lot Like Babies

oats in a jar

  Last week I was waking up so hungry that I felt as though my stomach may choose to eat itself if I didn’t grab a piece of a banana or something while I made my cup of coffee and got breakfast ready in a flash. Yet this week, I am waking up but my […]

You Never Sleep Again

Shh. Don’t make any noise because we can’t have the birthday boy wake up before I have made his birthday cake pancakes. Do I even want to discuss that my baby is eleven? Two more years and we have a Bar Mitzvah on our hands? How did that happen? I will forever say that I didn’t sign up to […]

How Pregnancy and Motherhood Affected My Running Routine

how pregnancy and motherhood affected running routine

    Today let’s talk a little bit about how pregnancy and motherhood affected my running routine. Even if you don’t have kids or are past this point in your life, it’s worth reading along anyway. I didn’t run while I was pregnant. As you know from last week’s post, running did not become my fitness […]

Head Out of the Sand

My run yesterday morning started out terrible. That first mile felt like forever. My legs were screaming to stop. But I didn’t stop. NOPE. You see, I know the difference in the kind of screams that come from my legs. Sometimes the screams are legitimate and need to be listened to immediately. And then sometimes, my legs […]