Recent Meals + Roasted Vegetables + Back To Apples

wild fig

I believe that I missed last Wednesday’s food post so let’s catch up a bit. Nothing shocking here, just my usual go-to favorite salad from The Cheesecake Factory. It’s still all about those onion strings. I stopped for Wild Fig while in Roslyn. Wild Fig is still, in my overall opinion, better than CAVA but […]

Recent Meals + Trader Joe’s + Warmed Apples

vegan Cobb

  My son starts his senior year of high school today. Although, it’s certainly not a normal start to school. He goes to school in person on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, plus every other Monday. Tuesday and Thursday are virtual. Who could have ever imagined such a routine?! I’m a bit sad that he’s already a […]

What I Ate Wednesday 9/6/17


  As my son walked out the door to the school bus stop yesterday morning, I asked him to please make a pledge to himself that he will keep his notebooks organized this school year. One can hope, right? I used to get such joy in organizing MY notebooks but that doesn’t mean I want […]

Running Thoughts & Avoiding Apples (TOL)

chocolate caramel apple

  Running this week has been awesome and the complete opposite of last week. Isn’t that how it always goes, though? Three things I realized yesterday while running 5 speedy miles on the treadmill: I can wear either pair of running shoes (my beloved Energy Boosts or Saucony Rides) and have a great run. In […]

Monday in Meals (WIAW)

power salad

I had gotten myself a little too busy working on Bar Mitzvah stuff over the last several days rather than working on a post for yesterday so if you were wondering where I was, there’s the answer. In fact, should I continue to randomly miss my normal posting days between now and October 15th, that will […]

What I Ate Wednesday – 3.2.16

What I Ate Wednesday

Before we get to the What I Ate Wednesday food fun, I wanted to thank you for your kind comments and emails regarding yesterday’s post. I know we all go through different experiences in life so I hope that by sharing a bit of my own stuff, I can help someone else, even if the situation […]

WIAW – I Haven’t Had Peanut Butter In Days

What I Ate Wednesday 2-24-16

  That’s right. I haven’t had peanut butter in days, not since before I got sick last week. My eating habits tend to change for a bit after a virus so I am just going with it, eating what I crave and what sounds appealing. The last time I had a real bad stomach virus, […]

What I Ate Wednesday 1.27.16

What I Ate Wednesday 1/27/16

  Time to talk food! Breakfast: My breakfast has basically looked like this picture for the last several days. That’s what happens when you have fresh blueberries in the house. They overtake your oatmeal. Lunch: I have been rotating two lunches – one sweet when I am in the mood for sweet and one a little more […]

Japanese sweet potatoes, a lot of peanut butter & new BBQ sauce

roasted sweet potatoes

  Last Wednesday I mentioned that I really wanted to switch my breakfasts up and eat more English muffins with peanut butter instead of oatmeal. Yeah, so that was short lived. I love those cute little toasted English muffins with peanut butter but as good as they taste, they aren’t going to help me and […]

Lightened Up Vegan Apple Crisp

  This is just another example as to why I cannot set up and follow a strict blog editorial calendar. I had every intention of sharing next week’s dinners and grocery shopping with you today but then my son got sick and stayed sick all week, which totally threw me off. Talking to him about dinner […]

What I Ate Yesterday

apple with peanut butter

  We still aren’t talking about the weather for this weekend’s half marathon but, if you must know, the tropical storm rain that has been threatening my race is looking like it was upgraded (or about to be upgraded depending which channel you watch) to a hurricane. And while we aren’t talking about it, let me just say, […]

Autumn Oatmeal

autumn oatmeal made with roasted cinnamon apples and raisins

  I like to do everything on the early side. Wake up early, eat breakfast early, run early, clean early, get assignments and projects done early, lunch early, dinner early and go to bed early. So, when Friday night’s dinner plans were set for LATE (well, late according to my early), I told myself to just keep […]