Winter Skincare Guide

  My friend Robyn and I got so caught up in discussing our college days that when we randomly took a selfie while trying on funny hats in the mall the other day, we were overly shocked by what we looked like in the photo. Do we really look like that? When did we get so old? Is that a line? […]

WIAW- Food Over Medicine

nutrient dense salad

  **The winner of the Stur Giveaway is Liz from the blog, I Heart Vegetables ** So yesterday I decided that blog posts are like coloring books. I will often select a page to color, get half way through the pretty picture, lose interest in the pattern and flip the pages to find a new […]

WIAW – Can We Skip To Dessert?

  Confession: I used to eat dessert for dinner. Often. I didn’t see at the time how this was wrong. I mean, I was like 23. I was an adult. A married adult. I could do as I pleased. Edy’s Frozen Yogurt, at least two different flavors loaded into a bowl, topped with fat-free cool whip = dinner was served. I spoke […]

Peanut Butter And Jelly Apples- Recipe!

It always seems that my breakfast the morning after a long run tends to be served on a plate rather than in a bowl. Sometimes I have trouble recognizing the plate in front of me. I don’t understand the correlation between running lots of miles and craving eggs but it happens to me often. This egg craving was […]

Beautiful Saturday in June

Rise and shine friends! Happy Saturday! When you wake up to a sky like this how could you not be happy? I was up and out early for my run to avoid the heat. I had one glorious run today folks. 13 miles and I swear  I could have kept going. I almost felt like […]


Happy Friday friends! It took me a minute to realize it wasn’t Sunday since I ran my Saturday long route yesterday in preparation for the blizzard. It is already snowing outside and I have heard the lines for gas are super long. Everyone is clearly in a panic based upon the gas shortage that occurred […]