Sensitive Subject: Losing Weight Running Less

AllSeated luncheon

I feel a discussion on losing weight from running less is a sensitive subject because I’m aware of who reads my blog. I know that my readers look to me for guidance on living a healthy, balanced life, free from caring about the scale and weight, and learning how to move away from disordered eating […]

What Would Happen If I Looked At The Scale?


  Is it weird for anyone else to realize that had I stayed married, my 16th wedding anniversary would be this Friday, November 17? Doesn’t that sound like a really long time as if I’m not old enough to have been married that long?! I’ve talked about what my anniversary means after divorce in the […]

Runners and Amenorrhea, Fake News & On This Day


  This week involves more New York State testing which means my son goes into school late since we opt out of taking the exams. Again, why couldn’t tests be optional when I was a kid? The later mornings mean extra sleep, more time to devote to running and Pure Barre AND out for breakfast. […]

Finding Balance & Body Image Round Up

jeans can lie

  I have decided to quickly throw together a round-up of the posts I have written this year on the topics of finding balance and body image for three reasons: I always have new readers (hi!) so rounding up the older posts allows new readers to see topics that they may miss otherwise. Some topics, such as finding […]

A Pathetic Peanut Butter Sandwich (Disordered Eating Chat)

365 peanut butter

Today’s post will discuss disordered eating, amenorrhea and things like that. If this is not a topic for you to be reading right now, I will see you tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday. 🙂 In Sunday’s post, I mentioned that I recalled eating a peanut butter sandwich with an apple on September 11, 2001 as I watched […]

Fall Race Calendar Conflict

October 2016 half marathon new york area options

  There are four fall half marathons in October that have been on my maybe I will run list for quite some time. I have been waiting until August 1st to make my decision as to which race(s) I will run but I am suddenly seeing a major conflict between my race calendar options and my menstrual cycle. I cannot plan […]

Hi From Hershey & Running Round Up

hershey bar

  Hi from Hershey Park! We have been having the best time this week and the chocolate isn’t half bad either… I have lost count of how many chocolate bars and Hershey Kisses I have eaten but hey, it’s Hershey Park. If you are here, you eat chocolate with every meal. 🙂 Anyway, I will […]

Girl Talk: Body Image Chat

cold stone sundae

  Note: Today’s post discusses body image. If this isn’t what you feel like reading today, no hard feelings! See you tomorrow 🙂 A few weeks ago I had a crazy yet enlightening realization. I was getting dressed in my real clothes which involved my favorite pair of black high boots. As I was zipping […]

Thank you, Food Shopping & Recipes Galore

trader joe's food shopping

  I haven’t had a chance to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and personal experiences with me in the comments and via email regarding Tuesday’s NEDA week post. When I receive even just one message from someone thanking me for helping them or questions for further guidance, I know I am reaching the right people. Sometimes, as I mentioned, […]


NEDA week

I can’t let this week pass without addressing the fact that it’s National Eating Disorders Awareness week. Bringing awareness to eating disorders and disordered eating is so important. Even though I feel like we address certain aspects often (hello amenorrhea and female athlete triad), the questions I keep receiving via email on this subject combined with continuing […]

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Workouts Part Two

  Before we get started with part two of finding balance between our diets and our workouts, I realize that this post may contain information that many of you already know. But sometimes, just because we know something, doesn’t mean we apply it. It can often take repeated exposure to hearing the same information over and […]

Do You Really Need To Lose 5 Pounds?

peanut butter chocolate chips

  I am not a goal setter, New Year’s resolution maker or juice cleanse trendy dieter so this January health hoopla is already getting to be a bit much for me to take if you want to know the truth. I think it’s great for some to kick start the year with a fresh outlook on life and attempt to […]