Friday Favorites (Pizza + Allseated + Barre Workout Apparel)

whole wheat margarita pizza

  Happy Friday – I have a few favorites to report from this week! Whole wheat margarita pizza Would you believe it had actually been a few weeks since I last had my favorite pizza slice? It’s not that I hadn’t been eating pizza, it’s just that I had been having pizza from other places. […]

New Pure Barre + Floorplans + Disney! (Friday Favorites a little early)

chopped veggie salad

Friday Favorites on a Thursday! I figured I would share my favorites from this week a little earlier as we are all ready for a holiday break, even people like me who don’t celebrate Christmas! New Pure Barre On Demand Workout: I am always thrilled to receive a Pure Barre email letting me know there’s […]

Catching Up + Cooking By The Book In NYC

strawberry shortcake

Well this week certainly got away from me! It’s really not like me to miss a Wednesday AND Thursday post but it happened. I’m hoping that once school starts after Labor Day, my life will feel more in sync and back to routine so that I can find my blog rhythm again. Anyway! Rather than […]

Yesterday’s City Luncheon

AllSeated luncheon

  Is it just me or does my blogging routine feel off to you too? I say it every year around this time but this year especially just feels so busy and upside down! Between my birthday, the end of the school year, getting things ready for my son to leave for his teen tour […]

5 Highlights From The Week

Cheesecake Factory Salad

  Happy Monday. 🙂  I have 5 highlights from the week to share today! AllSeated’s blog was listed in the Top 100 Event Planning Blogs last week! As you may already know, I handle all sorts of content and social media for AllSeated. AllSeated’s blog, which is one of my main responsibilities, is my baby. I take their blog […]

thinking out loud 9.8.16

AllSeated floorplan

  Mercury in retrograde is real. I wish I never learned about it and especially wish I didn’t know that Mercury was spinning in the wrong direction right now.  Between my dishwasher not working and my blog issues that have been going on for days, I just sit here and say, okay what’s next to happen during […]

Week in Review #6

skillet cookie

  Linking up with Meg to chat week in review style today! Blog Stuff: I am working really hard at sticking to my focused hours in the morning after taking my son to school. I don’t check my phone or my email during this time. I focus on my blog for one hour before switching over to dedicating […]

week in review #5

whole wheat blueberry banana pancakes

  Happy Monday! Let’s chat Week in Review style… Blog Stuff: I get so lost in my blog sometimes without even trying — drafting posts, working on the behind the scenes technical stuff, organizing things, responding to comments, loading photos — if I didn’t love this blog and the blogging community as much as I […]

week in review: multitasking

AllSeated event

I am juggling four significant things right now: The blog AllSeated (my job) Planning the Bar Mitzvah Getting my son ready for sleep away camp My head is a jumbled mess of all them all, at all times. For example, after clicking the order button for my son’s camp logo apparel (another thing checked off my […]

Week In Review #3

grandma pizza

  Linking up with Meg’s Week in Review for the third time today! I thought this would be Week in Review #2 until I realized I reviewed our trip to Boston back in December 🙂 Last week was an interesting week since my son went into school late three days (remember, we opt out of the New […]

week in review

AllSeated event

  Even though I post on an almost daily basis, I decided to link up with Meg’s Week in Review today because it gives me a chance to catch you up on some of the stuff from my everyday life that sometimes falls through the cracks. Blog Stuff: I published my usual amount of posts including these […]

My Anniversary After Divorce

my wedding

  My son asked me the other day if he can stay home from school the day before his Bar Mitzvah (October 2016). He is totally planning ahead and I totally said um okay to put an end to the conversation but the conversation didn’t end there. He then asked what he thinks we will […]