Friday Favorites: Hockey Playoffs + Pizza + Adidas Fashion Sneakers

vegetable pizza

Who else is ready for the weekend?! I think I’ve been ready since Monday. A few Friday favorites to report! First, you should know that I’m enjoying the change to my workout routine. If you missed my re-evaluation of my workout routine and why I made some changes, you can read about it in my […]

Currently February 2019

vegetable pizza

Oh, hi! I figured it was time for a Currently-styled post since my last one seems to have been back in November. Currently Watching: All my shows! Manifest on NBC – SO SO GOOD. Did you see Monday’s episode yet? FBI on CBS- Love it. Siesta Key on MTV – Not loving it this season. […]

Adidas Solar Boost + My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Adidas Solar Boost

  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen that I was able to find my running shoes. So here’s the deal! I went to my local running store (Runner’s Edge) to learn that the Adidas Energy Boosts have been replaced by the Solar Boost. It seems (at least this is what […]

my next half marathon & workouts from the week

great south bay run

    I finally took a minute to get my credit card out in order to register online for my next half marathon (am I the only one who finds taking the credit card out of their purse to make an online purchase an annoying task?!) Saturday October 3rd, The Great South Bay Run, sponsored by Entenmann’s (yes, the […]

Running Out Loud

running shoes

I spotted a runner a few nights ago as I pulled into my neighborhood and suddenly became intrigued. I had the urge to run too. It was about 6:30 pm, not that humid and still sunny outside. It seemed like such a great idea, even to me, the strictly morning runner. Why not go for […]

Random Stuff and New Adidas Energy Boosts

bloomies frozen yogurt

  Good morning! Yesterday was a bit monumental over here. This would be my son’s locker. We had the opportunity to go over to the middle school yesterday so that my son could find his locker, practice the combination, unload the school supplies and run through his schedule classroom by classroom in order to get a […]

Running Shoe Confusion

cheesecake factory bbq ranch salad

  I walk really slow. I didn’t realize how slow until fairly recently. Whenever I walk with other people, I am a few steps behind. So what though, right? I mean, I run fast so I am allowed to walk slow. At least that’s how I explain it. I hate walking. Ask me to run? […]

Running Terms Made Simple

adidas adistar boost

  The main reason I don’t plan my posts too far in advance is because I always end up having a random thought or experience which we need to discuss immediately. Tuesdays are typically topic/advice type posts over here and while I thought that I wanted to talk in one direction today, we are going in another. […]

Running Things + First Pure Barre Class

pure barre

  The worst thing possible happened to me last night. That would be a majority of my chocolate dipped waffle bowl broken. On the ground. I stared at giant chunk of my waffle bowl on the ground in disbelief for longer than the five second rule although I seriously considered picking it up and eating it anyway. It’s not […]

Running Too Many Days and Graham Cracker Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

graham cracker ice cream sandwich

  I am going to try to force myself NOT to run this morning. I can’t make any promises because I often do what I feel like doing rather than what I should, or really shouldn’t in this case, be doing. I have woken up each day this week wanting nothing more than to run each morning (six days in a row […]

How To Start Running

how to start running

  I tend to reserve more in-depth discussions for Tuesday, formerly known as Three Tip Tuesday. Lately I have dropped the Three Tip part and find myself simply sticking to topics rather than looking for three tips. Topic Tuesday?  A few of you have asked me recently to address running for beginners, including one of my close friends […]