Need New Running Shoes + Workouts From The Week

saucony rides

  A few things related to my workouts this week before getting to the recap! — It’s time for a new pair of running shoes. My running shoes have been lasting much longer than usual since I’ve been running less BUT my Energy Boosts finally feeling worn and I can’t run in worn shoes. Since […]

New Running Shoes & Real Life Workout Recap

adidas energy boosts

  This was not exactly an ideal half marathon training week. I had a few things working against me such as my period, the time change and my son’s hockey schedule, which definitely made things challenging. Notice I don’t even blame the blizzard! It’s not that I missed a workout, no, it’s that I needed […]

Running Shoes, Ready For March & TOL

running shoes

I am still laughing about what almost happened to me early Monday morning when I came so close to leaving the house for the gym in two different pairs of running shoes. Has this ever happened to you? Did you catch it before or after you left the house? I am glad I noticed right […]

New Shoes, Changed Routine & Stomach Issues While Running

Adidas Energy Boosts running shoes

  I finally picked up a new pair of my beloved Adidas Energy Boosts which by the way, I have been wearing as my main pair of running shoes now for a solid three years < – thanks to old blog posts for providing me with this statistic! As I said on Instagram the other […]

Don’t Mess With My Running Routine (workout recap)

a look at my week in workouts including running and pure barre

We runners all have our routines. My weekday runs are one thing as the mornings can be a bit rushed but my long run day? Don’t mess with that routine. Now, I am totally fine if I have to switch my long run day or even adjust my distance but the routine part of my long […]

week in review #8

lindas fudge cake

Linking up today with Meg’s Week in Review! It was a super busy yet productive week! Let’s take a look in recap form… Blog Highlights: I shared a new run by time tempo workout on Tuesday. Click here if you missed it, it’s a really good running workout. I finally tried Pure Barre Platform on Friday […]

running shoe rotation plus workout recap

workout recap

My running shoe rotation fell off course this week which sounds totally weird if you don’t run but since most of you reading are runners like me, you will probably appreciate the conversation we are about to have. I have a system to my running shoe rotation and I rarely deviate: Adidas Energy Boosts = Tuesdays, […]

TOL – Chocolate Covered Apples, Taper & New Shoes

chocolate caramel apple

  I had this amazingly chocolatey chocolate covered apple the other night. It was so delicious that I think it’s on my list of best chocolate-covered apples ever. Why I loved it: It had a super thick coating of good tasting chocolate. The chocolate sprinkles were a really nice addition in flavor and texture. There was […]

New Running Shoes Again & Workout Recap

workout recap

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I got new running shoes again. I returned the Brooks Glycerin 13’s (I think on Monday?) because they just weren’t going to work. I ended up picking a new pair of my Adidas Energy Boosts, in the new model AND a new size. You know your […]

new running shoes & workout recap

Brooks Glycerins 13

  I went to Runner’s Edge (my local runner’s shop) on Friday thinking I was going to buy some new running socks but ended up not only with new socks (Thorlos — love them) but with a new pair of running shoes in the process. I explained to the guy helping me (I felt bad for him, […]

Maybe I Need New Running Shoes & Dinner Plan

weekly dinner planning

  I hate to say things like this out loud but I feel as though I may want to try a new and different pair of running shoes. Ah! I know! I shouldn’t mess with a good thing but I can’t decide if maybe, just maybe, I feel like I need something different. A change […]

Do I Really Need It?

Cold Smores

  This post idea came to me during Saturday’s long run as I was thinking about my favorite post run breakfast. I asked myself, “Do I really need oats in a jar after every long run?” Yes, yes I do. While I adore oatmeal for breakfast any morning of the week, there’s just something about this combination […]