Frozen Treat of a Weekend

Berry Good Yogurt Cafe

Friday night sushi for dinner is the best way to start the weekend. Especially when it’s all you can eat so you keep ordering more. And more. My son talked me into Cold Stone after dinner even though I was extremely full and didn’t want to overdo it the night before my long run. I […]

The Feng Shui

Happy Monday! I don’t know exactly where the weekend went. But it went. I don’t even know what I did exactly…Oh….Wait…. Yes. I. Do. My weekend started with an interesting clean out of some drawers and closets. Do you watch those Hoarding shows? Yeah well, I always wondered how people ended up like that. And now […]

A Saturday Run and a Confession

Do you hear that? Listen close…it is the sound of silence. The little boy is at his dad’s this weekend. He was picked up last night before dinner and he will be back tomorrow night. Don’t think for one minute that I slept in. Nope. Was up bright and early to get my long run […]