Slam Book


Who else had a slam book?

You know, those fun books we had when we were kids that were loaded with all kinds of questions that we would answer with our friends to learn about each other?

slam book pink

My slam book probably looked like this.

I thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit more about myself Slam Book Style.

If you had a slam book, you may recall that instead of writing your name on each page, you picked a sticker as a symbol to place next to your answers.

cupcake sticker

My sticker of choice would definitely look like this cupcake.  How cute?

Now, the questions in a slam book were typically focused around favorites, likes, dislikes, interests.

So let’s get started with the most important question:

Favorite Food:

I really have so many it is hard to choose just one!

If  I had to pick just one food to be stranded with on a desert island, peanut butter would be my choice.

peanut butter

I am never without at least six jars on reserve in my pantry. Although, last I checked, I had about oh, 19 jars.

peanut butter

RED MANGO Frozen Yogurt is a must in my world too. I am the queen of parfait making, don’t you think?

red mango parfait

And let’s not forget chocolate desserts.

birthday mud pie

I will never get tired of Linda’s Fudge Cake, Black Out Cake, Mud Pies or the Godiva Brownie Sundae from The Cheesecake Factory.

brownie sundae

I am quite selfish when it comes to dessert but I do love to share a fabulous fondue like this one from Max Brenner:


Not only is the chocolate amazing, but the chocolate chip cookies just might be the best ever.


Especially when dipped in chocolate.

While I love my mounds of chocolate cake and fun restaurant desserts, I truly crave and look forward to eating my favorite apple and peanut butter combo on any given day as a snack, mini meal or even yes, for dessert.

Dark chocolate chips bring apples with peanut butter to another level.

apple peanut butter chocolate

Favorite Restaurants:

The Cheesecake Factory!

bbq ranch salad

Oh, Linda’s Fudge Cake, how I love you.

lindas fudge cake

Sushi is a close second to my beloved Cheesecake Factory.

My friends and I often try out new places as there is always a new Japanese/Asian Fusion restaurant opening that I can’t even decide which is my favorite sushi spot these days.



Running/Exercise Related Questions:


Favorite Pre/Post Run Meal:

I must eat before I run.

oatmeal with berries

My go-to pre-run breakfast is usually oatmeal. My stomach is pretty tough and can handle berries as well as peanut butter mixed-in for staying power.

Some mornings I am hungrier than others- if I am hungry, I eat more. The worst thing to do is head out for a run underfueled.

My most favorite recovery meal is oatmeal mixed with fruit, Skoop, almond milk and peanut butter.

oats in a jar

A great day is when I have an empty peanut butter jar available to use in place of a bowl.

Favorite race distance:

I am really not a fan of 5K races. I will run a 10k on occasion but most of the time, I focus on finding the half marathons.

Check out my Running page for all of my most recent race recaps.

My first ever half marathon was in October 2012 at Hershey Park!


How can you beat running and seriously delicious chocolate?

My best half was the Long Island Half Marathon in May 2016 (1:45:18).

Oh, and somehow I ended up running a five-mile race (I hate short race distances!) in September 2013 and surprisingly finished second in my age group. I think I finished in 39 minutes (I forget the exact finish time).

race trophy

I never race to win, I run races for the fun of training, preparing, arriving and completing.

Favorite activities:

If I am not out running, you can find me either shopping, hanging with my son, at Red Mango, getting my nails done or in the kitchen baking.


I make everything I can from scratch and rarely follow a recipe.

Chocolate Bar Chocolate Chip Blondies

Get the recipe for these Chocolate Bar Blondies  here.

I love to create and bake a wide variety of delicious goodies, both healthy and indulgent.

It’s all about balance and everything in moderation, right?

gluten and dairy free chocolate chip cookies

Get the recipe for these gluten/dairy-free chocolate chip cookies here.

Sometimes my friends ask me to bake and create party favors and platters for special events. Most of the time, they do not want “healthy” treats.

On a regular basis however, I try to create and bake healthy treats to have on hand in the house for my son to eat.

Other questions in my Slam Book:

Favorite Sports-  I was actually a huge sports fan growing up, which is unusual for a girl. Especially a girly girl like me. I still follow my teams but not as much as my son does!


Hockey was always my favorite sport, the Islanders are my team and I love taking my son to games.

As a life -long New York Islanders fan, I was extremely honored to have a featured post over on Shawn Gates’ blog  at

The Display Case #17 – Scrapping The History of the Isles

Favorite movies:

I am not much of a movie person.

I do have an all-time favorite list though:

parent trap back to future how to lose guy wedding crashers

Favorite song: Anything I can run to! I love the Pandora App while I run so that I can play a variety of different stations each day.

Hobbies:  I love to collect things. In addition to always collecting hockey memorabilia, I also still have my very large Hello Kitty collection including pencils, stationary and all those fun little Kitty accessories.

hello kitty

I also used to love to collect Lisa Frank stickers and still have my rather large (and mint condition might I add) Lisa Frank collection.


I still seek out through Ebay any Lisa Frank stickers I might be missing.


One of the best things about someone like me having a son is that he has no interest in touching my girly-type collections.

Speaking of my son, Slam Books do not normally discuss motherhood but how can I not throw it in?

Motherhood is quite a wonderful mix of wonderful, difficult, funny, challenging, frustrating and interesting all at the same time. It is a ever ending learning process, especially as a single mother!

I never thought I would have a boy yet I wouldn’t trade it for the world. There is nothing like a little boy!

We have the greatest time together and like they say, there is nothing like the bond between a mother and her son (Remind me of this the next time he refuses to do his homework or challenges my request that he gets in the shower).


My son is now 13 years old and the time has flown by! I nursed him for the first 16 months of his life. Nursing is a challenging, demanding, tiring yet extremely rewarding experience.

If anyone has any questions at all about nursing, please feel free to ask me! My son never took to a bottle. So you can only imagine what the months before he was old enough for sippy cups were like!


Questions? Comments? Want to say hello? Feel free to contact me!