Current List Of Pet Peeves

list of pet peeves

  While I’m definitely an easy going girl, I am also easily annoyed. I have a very low tolerance for people and their nonsense. Basically, I have a long list of what bothers me on a daily basis and I’m in the mood to share my list of pet peeves with you today. So, you […]

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The Foods I Haven’t Been Eating

three ingredient pancake

  Instead of discussing what I have been eating lately, how about we talk about what I haven’t been eating? I came up with this idea because I thought it would make for a more interesting post than sharing the same salads over and over again. However, it actually took me a few minutes to […]

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Pure Barre FAQ: Your Pure Barre Questions Answered

All of your Pure Barre questions are answered on the blog with additional tips and advice!

  Let’s do a Pure Barre FAQ today! I’ve been receiving a ton of Pure Barre questions which makes me so happy! This means that more of you are interested in trying Pure Barre! Most of the Pure Barre questions I receive revolve around the exact same topics. I figured I should do a Pure […]

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Friday Favorites: Macaroons + Splendid + L’Occitane

Loccitane Beauty Egg

  So happy it’s Friday! The week has been a blur yet in a way, it’s gone really fast. My son is off from school for Spring Break now too — lucky for him. A few Friday Favorites for today before we begin the holiday weekend!   Favorite Fitness: Well, I can’t say that I […]

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