My Favorite Sweatshirt + Flashbacks + Fashion Finds

roadie couture buffalo sweatshirt

Finally Friday! I’ve organized some favorites from the week to share today…have a great weekend! Favorite Fitness Although I ran twice this week, Melissa Wood Health‘s workouts continue to be my favorite. It’s a tough decision some mornings to decide if I want to run or if I prefer a blend of yoga and pilates […]

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Last Week’s Workouts plus New Workout Apparel

brooks ghost 13

Before we jump into my workouts, I wanted to share a few new clothes I bought for my workouts. These GapFit High Waisted Organic Cotton Full Length-Leggings are cute and perfect for yoga, pilates, and walking. I really like filling in my workout apparel wardrobe with GapFit since it’s reasonably priced and decently durable in that I […]

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