Recent Meals + Trader Joe’s + Warmed Apples

vegan Cobb

  My son starts his senior year of high school today. Although, it’s certainly not a normal start to school. He goes to school in person on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, plus every other Monday. Tuesday and Thursday are virtual. Who could have ever imagined such a routine?! I’m a bit sad that he’s already a […]

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Early Friday Favorites From The Week

sicilian pizza

Please don’t let me confuse you. Today is Thursday. I’m popping in today instead of tomorrow and missed yesterday’s post. Did we realize it’s September? This alone confuses me. Every summer I say, but where did the summer go? And this year especially I say BUT WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? I mentally outline the […]

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Rain Jackets For Running + Weekly Workout Recap

boardwalk run

Before we jump into my workouts from the week, let’s chat really quickly about rain jackets for running. Recently I decided that I need a new rain jacket for running. I don’t mind running in the rain! Misty rain is actually pleasant for running (in my opinion) although I prefer it starts while I’m already […]

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