Lots of Friday Favorites to share today!

meline lucky rainbow

  Lots of favorites to share today so let’s get started! First, MY salad. I know I had deviated from my salad at the Cheesecake Factory in the last few months but I am back to normal again. Can’t order anything else! I enjoyed lunch with a friend this week while catching up on life. […]

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At-Home Meals I’ve Been Eating On Repeat

pizza and salad

  I do my best when I’m out to eat to take pictures of the food (doesn’t happen every time but often enough) but home has really become another story. I’ve addressed it before on the blog but I just wanted to mention it again in case you were wondering why I don’t share as […]

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Weekend Rambling + Dinner At Salt

poke bowl

  Life is returning to normal with the bunny back from his teen tour. It takes some adjusting on both ends for us, that’s for sure. He slept for 17 hours the first night, then woke up and wanted to go straight to my parents’ house. I had ZERO ISSUE with that as it works […]

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Friday Favorites July 27, 2018

denim shirt

  I should start today’s Friday Favorites post with saying my son is home from his teen tour. I picked him up from the airport yesterday! Final snapchat map — this one really made me laugh when my friend sent it to me. We will miss tracking the kids! If it feels as though my […]

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