Friday Favorites February 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

Oh, hi Friday and first of February! Nice to see you. Listing a few favorites for today – have a great weekend! I will talk more about my renewed interest in Yoga in my workout recap (either Sunday or Monday) but for now, it’s worth noting that I reacquainted myself with the website, Do Yoga […]

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Running Story + Workouts From The Week

red mango

I held off sharing my workouts until today because I ran yesterday instead of Saturday. My intention was to run on the treadmill Saturday morning but I woke up completely not in the mood and I certainly wasn’t running outside because it was too cold for me.  Sunday’s forecast was sunny and above freezing < […]

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A Few Favorites + Some Hearts

heart kitten heels

This week has literally felt like one long day so I’m extra glad that it’s Friday! My son has been on a midterms schedule all week (and was off on Monday) so it will be nice to get back to a normal routine on Monday. Juggling his test times and the rest of his day […]

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A Few Recent Eats + Popular Recipe Right Now

baked oatmeal

  No one wants to hear that I’m cold or that I despise getting up in the morning (I’ve concluded that I’m not a winter morning person) so I will skip right past my complaining (even though I totally just snuck it in here) and move on to a few recent meals. I had this […]

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