Recent Lunches and Dinners (plus Easy Vegan Cacciatore)

vegan cacciatore

I’ve got some lunches and dinners to share with you today! No breakfast to showcase, as usual, because I’m still eating the exact same oatmeal every single day. I just cannot start my day any other way. It would feel wrong and weird. It’s been a while since I shared my long-standing favorite combo of […]

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Week in Workouts (3 Runs, 1 Walk, MWH Method)

USA socks

Monday again! The weeks are continuously busy but I always make sure to keep my workout time frame in the morning free for myself to either run, walk, or choose a Melissa Wood Health workout. It’s so important to me to have that time. It’s non-negotiable! Last Week’s Workouts: Monday – Melissa Wood Health Combo […]

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Birthday Dinners + Glossier Order + Fashion Faves


FRIDAY! It was another long but fast yet productive week. And Wednesday was my son’s birthday! I can’t even that he is 18. I mean, I’ve been writing this blog since he was nine. Who can even believe that?! I know that I can’t. I look back at posts like You Never Sleep Again and […]

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What I’ve Eaten Lately


Time for recent meals again! I had a vegetarian salad bowl from Maoz over the weekend. Maoz has always been a favorite of mine – especially back in the day when I could load the toppings myself into the bowl at the city Maoz locations. For this Maoz salad bowl, I had them drizzle tahini […]

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