Weekly Workouts + Running Phases

Long Beach boardwalk

Some thoughts before recapping my workouts from the week: I actually woke up wanting to run three mornings in a row this week. You must know by now that this is NOT a regular occurrence for me anymore! Two mornings in a row of running is usually my maximum but this week, I woke up […]

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Summer Meals + Back To Dirty Taco!

dirty taco

The burn on the roof of my mouth from the english muffin pizza I ate earlier this week reminds me that I have in fact had a few meals at home and that I don’t actually eat every meal other than breakfast at a restaurant. Summer for me usually means less cooking and more dining […]

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Whole Foods Stop + Fashion Finds This Week

Whole Foods shop

My son comes home today! This month with him away at  camp his summer college program went fast, didn’t it? I am very excited to have him back, but in that motherly sort of way. What I mean is, of course I am happy to have my bunny back home yet at the same time, I am […]

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So Many Recent Meals To Share Today!

beet greek salad

  I’ve got a whole lot of recent meals to share with you today! First, iced coffee. I can’t help but stop for an iced coffee from Dunkin almost every day. Time to break that habit and just make an iced coffee at home. I enjoyed this delicious beet salad from Pete The Greek. I’ve […]

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