Birthday Favorites: Spa Day + Carmen Sol + Houston’s

birthday brunch

Oh boy, what a week. I think I’m thrilled it’s Friday as I still need time to return to normal. Well, a new normal under the realization that I am now 40. Am I really old enough to be 40?! It’s really been a full week of ultimate nonstop birthday fun but it’s time to […]

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This is 40?!


  Well anything I thought I would be posting for today (my 40th birthday!) went out the window when Heather surprised me on Saturday by flying in from Florida. I had absolutely NO IDEA on Saturday that she was coming and I made everyone NUTS with figuring out how to get me to be somewhere […]

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Almost Birthday Time & Friday Favorites

Cheesecake Factory salad

  It’s Friday AND its June 1 which means it’s almost my birthday! With my birthday quickly approaching on Tuesday (!!?!!) of course the celebration begins now. Should we discuss that I’m about to be 40 like a real adult? Let’s not. Just a few Friday Favorites for today before I begin to celebrate my […]

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It’s Okay To NOT Workout As A New Mom

it's okay to not workout as a new mom

  Contrary to popular social media belief, it’s okay to NOT work out as a new mom. It’s okay NOT to return to a formal fitness routine immediately. I feel the need to say this because what I am continuing to see on social media scares me. And I can’t be alone in this. There […]

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