How Is It My Birthday Again?

linda's fudge cake birthday cake

  Explain to me how it is my birthday again?! Doesn’t it feel like yesterday that I was telling you about my 40th birthday weekend in my This is 40 post?! Shoot, that was a year ago now. My friends and I are all in agreement that it feels literally like yesterday that we were laughing […]

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Race Recovery Week In Workouts

ice coffee

  Geez. How is it Monday already? The weekends fly by so quickly, especially this time of year when I spend my days outdoors at the beach or pool. I had my first iced coffee of the season yesterday by the pool. I’m not a huge iced coffee drinker but this time of year usually […]

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Fashion Finds From The Week

fashion finds

Friday snuck up on me so quickly that I almost didn’t think I had a post for today. But of course, I did. I browse fashion links every morning so it’s easy enough for me to report my fashion finds from the week! So here’s what caught my eye this week — let me know […]

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Race Recovery Food + Salads + Current TJ Favorite

bialy with veggie cream cheese

  Well, I am sufficiently thrown off this week to know that today is Wednesday! Not only because Monday was a holiday but because I shared my race recap yesterday when I don’t usually post on Tuesday’s. Anyway. Wednesday. Food. Let’s begin. After Sunday’s race, I had the watermelon I packed for the car ride […]

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Long Beach City Manager’s Race To Remember 10 Mile Race Recap (2019)

Long Beach

  Time to recap Sunday’s 10-mile race! Pre-Race Morning: Thankfully I get out of bed easier in the spring and summer than I do in the winter because I wanted to be awake a little before 5:00 am so I wouldn’t have to rush my coffee/water/oatmeal before leaving for the race. I need time to […]

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