Pantone Color + Chopt + Star Fashion Picks


I love that it’s Friday and that I’m feeling better! Only took a good 10-11 days, but who is really counting. So I don’t know if today’s post is a favorites post or a thinking out loud post or a wrapping up the week post. It’s a bit random but I like random! First, what […]

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Recent Eats + Mostly Matzoh Ball Soup

matzoh ball soup

Anyone who knows me (and knows me well) knows that I do not actually like soup. I mean, I will eat tomato soup, but other soup? Broth soup? Nah. Not my thing. Unless I am sick. I’ve still been dealing with this cold from last week which I know is still active simply by my […]

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Workouts + Islanders Are Home + Latkes!


I was going to share my workouts per usual yesterday morning BUT I slept late and hadn’t scheduled the post. You didn’t miss much though — it was a pretty blah workout week since I was sort of sick with a sore throat followed by a cold. I didn’t run much and probably won’t run […]

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Friday Favorites (Fashion + Holiday Gifts Ideas I Guess Too)


  Couldn’t be happier that it’s Friday!! Hanukkah begins Sunday night AND the Islanders are literally back at home tomorrow evening at the Coliseum. Who remembers when I was Newsday famous with my Sunday featured article about how they were leaving me for Brooklyn? A part of me always knew they would be back. My […]

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