Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition Time!

whole wheat blueberry walnut pancakes

I’m so glad that it’s Friday. I seem to have come down with a cold a few days ago and although it’s mild, it’s still annoying. This cold also came at the wrong time of the month — like why do I need to suffer with cramps at the same time as a cold? Men […]

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Plant Wise + Cream Cheese Cravings + Eggs

plantwise southern charm salad

  So many great meals to share today! I had such a delicious plant-based dinner from Plant Wise the other night. While I usually gravitate towards the same foods when I go places, the nice girl at Plant Wise suggested the Southern Charm salad and I’m so glad that I listened. In the Southern Charm […]

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Friday Fashion Favorites

Friday Favorites

I didn’t want to miss today’s post so I’m here with a few fashion favorites to discuss! From Stoney Clover’s latest launch, I love the pearl heart bag charm and the embellished small tote. I also want a crystal & heart scrunchie, likely in the pink shade called ballerina. Shopbop has some Stoney Clover on sale […]

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Healthy Chinese Food + Other Recent Meals

mogu Chinese

Before we talk about food today, I should mention to you my running shoe situation which is still a situation. While I will give the Hokas one more chance, something is telling me that they aren’t going to work out for me. I’m not sure at this point what will work out for me. A […]

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