Nordstrom Fashion Finds This Week

fashion finds

  I put together some Nordstrom fashion finds as they are running up to 40% off certain items as well as a buy more, save more type of thing for Nordy Club and Card Members. Stoney Clover Glow Small Silver Patent Cosmetics Bag – You know I love Stoney Clover. This small silver patent pouch is […]

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What I’ve Been Eating Lately (Recent Meal Highlights)

dirty taco

I haven’t written a recent meal post in a few weeks so I have a nice round-up ready for today! First, let’s start with my lunch at The Little Beet in between shopping. I picked three different vegetable options — roasted rainbow carrots, roasted broccoli, and the brussels sprouts salad. There’s an avocado bean dip […]

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Sephora VIB: My Recommendations For Skincare & Makeup

  It’s Sephora VIB time again! I’ve put together a brief yet a decent list of my Sephora VIB recommendations for skincare and makeup. Sure, I find Sephora to be an overwhelming store at times but lately, I am able to do my product research, pick up some samples, and then find the right products for […]

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Week in Workouts: Gym Days + Time Change


  Here’s a quick breakdown of last week’s workouts: 3 running days – one treadmill workout 3-morning walks 1 elliptical workout 4 Pure Barre workouts I found myself in the gym for three mornings in a row. It had been a while since I was in the gym this often in one week (probably since […]

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