Random Thoughts + Salads + New At Trader Joe’s

vegan Cobb salad

A few random things plus food today to discuss! The older I get, the more affected I am by the sunlight — or lack thereof is really what this is about. We NEED to change the clocks already. Otherwise, I just cannot bounce out of bed early in the morning. Dark mornings are the worst! […]

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Birthday Weekend Highlights (mostly the food)

chocolate fudge cake

Before I get into recapping my son’s birthday, can we first look at how tall he is?! I’m always so fascinated by his height when I walk behind him. The kid is like 6 feet tall! How does this happen?! I mean, I know how it happens but it’s crazy for a mother to witness. Friday […]

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Solid Week Of Workouts! Speed Work + Pure Barre

workout recap

Super solid week of workouts to report! I came back from Florida fresh and ready to run. I’ve been in the mood to push my pace lately which continued into this week. I’ve been incorporating some speed work into my runs and will continue doing so this coming week too. It’s been fun and I’m […]

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Friday Favorites + My Bunny’s Birthday!

Henri Bendel packable tote

This week flew by in a flash which says a lot since I came home from Florida Sunday night. You never know how the week after a fun weekend away will be, you know? And now it’s time for another fun weekend ahead! I have a whole bunch of Friday Favorites to share today so […]

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My Favorite Salad Right Now

favorite salad

I was originally planning to include my favorite salad as part of tomorrow’s Friday Favorites post. But then I was like, why not share it quickly today?! As you know, I’m in a very basic phase right now with food. I’m still not really cooking nor am I that focused when food shopping. The only […]

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