I Answered A Beauty Q&A, Here’s What I Said!

clean skincare

    Back in my early blogging days, I used to answer blog surveys that would circle the healthy living blog community. I haven’t seen those surveys in quite some time (blogging has changed, don’t you think?) but I was reading this beauty Q&A article and thought, this would be a fun beauty interview to […]

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Pizza + Zucchini Linguine + Chunky Lentil Soup

zucchini pasta

I have three meals worth sharing with you today! First, my whole wheat margarita pizza with a salad. Seems repetitive but lately, it really hasn’t been! I haven’t been eating this combo as often so it was a nice change for dinner the other night. In fact, maybe this will be my dinner tonight. I […]

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Emily and I Like The Same Unsalted Peanut Butter?

trader joes organic crunchy peanut butter unsalted

Oh, hi! I’m checking in today, Thursday, instead of yesterday. It’s been a crazy week (I feel as though I say that a lot lately) but I didn’t want the week to pass without a quick food discussion. We left off last week with me saying that I’m not sure what I feel like eating.I still […]

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