I was married at the age of 23, had my son at 25 and was going through a divorce process by the age of 31.

That one sentence doesn’t tell a complete story but what’s important is that I am a divorced mom with an amazing 14 year-old son.

I was a guest on the Dr. Oz show back in 2013 to discuss my healthy attitude towards divorce because negativity helps no one, especially the children.

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My main concern in life is keeping my son’s childhood as unaffected by the divorce as possible.


I continue to do everything in my power to keep my son far away from the details and reasons for my divorce as well as all of the negativity that can arise in a divorce situation.

It hasn’t always been easy but I have been quite successful! Most recently, I published my first ebook, A No-Nonsense Guide To Divorce & Co-Parenting! Learn more about the guide and how to download your copy here or you can purchase it through Amazon!

I have work closely with the organization, About the Children in the past, and have written several articles regarding divorce,  co-parenting and single parenthood for their website as well as mine.

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If you have any questions regarding divorce and/or co-parenting, please feel free to contact me!