Friday Favorites – Belt Bags and More!

Friday Favorites

I don’t know where this week went for it to suddenly be Friday! I tried that TRX Max class yesterday at Equinox which I mentioned in Monday’s post. We can discuss it further on Monday because for now, I have so many things to share for Friday Favorites. Lululemon just came out with the Everywhere […]

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A Stop At Whole Foods + Loaded Salads


I’m a day late this week on sharing recent meals but better late than never! I went to Whole Foods the other afternoon for a few things. I bought organic Honeycrisp apples, a few bottles of 365 light organic ranch dressing, a bag of shredded brussels sprouts, plus a few things from the frozen section: […]

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Last Week’s Workouts at Equinox


Another nicely varied week of workouts in the books! I ran a little more last week and tried a new-to-me 60-minute barre class on the Thursday Equinox class schedule. This week I plan to try a TRX class! My pilates instructor teaches it and said it’s perfect for me. I will report back about it […]

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My Excitement Is Not Normal (Friday Favorites)


My level of excitement over using the Alo Keep It Dry Fitness pouch in my gym bag this week was definitely not normal. I put my wet clothes in the Alo pouch after a sweaty five-mile run on Wednesday and was so quietly excited in the Equinox locker room about the organization and functionality of […]

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Salad Ingredient Combinations + A Few Treats


Jumping right into some recent salads and treats! Let’s start with salads as I have good salad ingredient combinations to share. Even when I think about trying Sweet Green again, I still end up at Chopt. At this point, I actually have no idea what is in my Chopt salads since I hit “reorder” in […]

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Thanksgiving Week Workouts in Review


The Monday after a long holiday weekend (especially Thanksgiving!) is always a bit strange. Not only is today weird, but last week also seems like a total blur! Good thing I write down my workouts after they happen so I can put together this post. Did you shop the Black Friday sales? Are we supposed […]

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Thankgiving Dinner + Shopping Black Friday Sales


I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with lots of good food! For the first time since 2019 (before the pandemic), we were able to have Thanksgiving in the city at my aunt and uncle’s apartment with my cousins. Last year I was sick with a cold and the year prior was still very much […]

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What I Bought At Trader Joe’s (plus a few dinners)


Let’s take a look at my most recent Trader Joe’s shop! I never make a list and typically buy the same things from week to week. This particular Trader Joe’s shop was actually a bit different from usual because: Trader Joe’s was out of Romaine Lettuce I couldn’t find any organic apples, especially Organic Honey […]

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Little Bits of Running (weekly workout recap)


A few notes before getting to my workouts from last week! My Ever-Changing Gym Routine: Do I not always say that my workout routine will vary from week to week? Well literally, no kidding on that. While I’m a morning person, I don’t need to get up as early right now so the 7:00 AM […]

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Beauty Product Dupes From Target!


It’s no secret that I spend a lot of money (and time) on beauty products. I research ingredients, follow the latest product launches, and hang out at Sephora weekly as if it’s a routine grocery store run. I have sensitive skin so I definitely do not like to rock the boat too often with too […]

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