Workouts From The Week (Jan 14 – Jan 20)

pure barre

A few quick notes before recapping my workouts: I really like incline walking on the treadmill and wonder why I never chose it for cross training before this year. Expect it to continue throughout the winter — WHAT A WORKOUT. It was nice to run outdoors again yesterday. I’m not running outside in the winter […]

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Pizza, A Pretzel, Links I’m Loving


In some ways this week went fast. In others, I’m not sure what took Friday so long to get here. I missed my usual midweek post but don’t worry, I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary worth reporting. You know, just the usual around here. It’s almost embarrassing how often I eat pizza for […]

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Where Did The Weekend Go?

  Seriously, where did the weekend go? Saturday for me was spent binge watching Say Yes To The Dress and the Islanders/Rangers game while I had the painters at my house (!!) painting a few rooms. Big deal over here because it took me FOREVER to narrow down my colors. The Say Yes To The […]

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Treadmill Time Of Year (workout recap)

pure barre on demand

A few things to note before getting to my workouts: I think I will be on the treadmill more often than not now that winter is really here. I thought we would escape the actual winter (why did I think that?!) but the colder temps are here and I’m sure the snow is next. The […]

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Salad Pizza + New Workout Clothes + Psychics (Friday Favorites)

salad pizza

I’ve got a few favorites from the week to chat about on this cold Friday! Fitness: The early part of this week was a real struggle which I attribute to 3 main things, neatly broken down by percentage (you like my percentage approach?) below: 50% PMS 35% Winter Mornings 15% Recovering From Last Week’s Speed […]

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Picture Of My Pizza + Back To Panera + Isles Game

grandma pizza

  Remember on Monday when I said I needed my son to take the picture of my pizza because I left my phone in the car? Well, he finally sent the picture to me. We were at La Piazza (the Plainview location for local readers) and they had a grandma pizza with vegetables so I […]

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Weekend Sentence Per Picture

trader joe's

One of those really random times when I have Chipotle. That feeling when you are driving through the city and Empire State of Mind comes on the radio. Another week, another greek salad from a diner. I honestly go to the diner for the coleslaw and pickles. A quick stop at Trader Joe’s yesterday morning […]

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Sarabeth’s + Colorful Carrot Coins + Nordstrom Sale Picks

sarabeth's ahi tuna

Well this was a weird week, right? It was short in terms of back to school/work routine but long when you realize New Year’s Eve was Monday night. Either way, I am just glad it’s Friday! I need to regroup so I can truly get back to normal routine next week. A few quick favorites […]

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Billy Joel New Year’s Eve + Some Recent Eats

town bagel salad

Does anyone know what day it is? This week is going to feel weird until it’s over, isn’t it. That’s just how it goes with the holidays. So. While I find most New Year’s Eve hoopla overrated, Billy Joel was playing at the Coliseum so like, why not go?! I’m not much of a concert […]

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