Friday Favorites (Food + Fitness + Fashion + Finds)

It’s suddenly Friday and I don’t know how that happened! This week flew by in a real blur for me.

Favorite Food

I finally had lunch at The Shed!

It was easier to get a table this week so I was very excited. My friend and I both had the veggie bowl (shocker) – it was delicious. I could see by looking around at what everyone else was eating why the restaurant is so popular – the pancake stacks, waffles, various bowls, and burgers really looked so so delicious.


Favorite Fitness

This week feels like a blur to me. I know I took a barre class on Monday and ran both Monday and Tuesday, but it all feels blended together.

I did get to the Thursday morning yoga class yesterday which is such a good one — her flows are a little more challenging but I can keep up which makes me happy.


Favorite Fashion

This isn’t the best time of year for shopping because it’s a bit early to think about spring and I already have the winter clothes I need. I am going to Florida soon but I really don’t need to buy anything for the trip.

However, there are some decent sales going on!

Splendid is having a HUGE SALE.

Bloomingdale’s is running a long weekend sale with an extra 40% off a lot of already-on-sale items.

J.Crew has a long weekend, Epic sale with lots of discounts to take advantage of — use code EPIC.

Stoney Clover launched their Valentine’s Day collection yesterday – some pieces are already sold out but grab what you can while you can!

Favorite Find

I’ve talked about Olive & June nail polish products in the past (and you can get a lot of them at Target!) but right now, my favorite finds from Olive & June are the hand serum and hand/foot scrub. Both products are made with quality, clean ingredients and get the job done. The scrub is not harsh and leaves my skin so soft and smooth. And the hand serum – I love it! It adds a fragrance-free silkiness to my skin before I add moisturizer on top — no dry skin for me, that’s for sure!

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