Last Week’s Workouts at Equinox

Another nicely varied week of workouts in the books!

I ran a little more last week and tried a new-to-me 60-minute barre class on the Thursday Equinox class schedule. This week I plan to try a TRX class! My pilates instructor teaches it and said it’s perfect for me. I will report back about it next week!

Last Week’s Workouts at Equinox

Just hanging out in the stretching area…

Monday – 15 Min Run + 45 Min Spin (Cycle Power)

Tuesday – 60 Min Pilates Fusion (2 lb weights + sliders)

Wednesday – 5 Mile Run (treadmill)

I don’t recall the last time I ran five miles, it must be at least a month ago!

Thursday – 30 Min Treadmill Incline Walk + 60 Min Barre (2 lb weights, ball, resistance band)

I made up my own incline walking routine with inclines ranging between 3 – 13% before swapping my sneakers for bare feet in barre class.

Friday – Off

Saturday – 15 Min Run + 45 Min Spin (Anthem Ride)

With a day off yesterday, my legs were fresh and ready to run some speed instead of hills. While it wasn’t for long, I felt so great and was cruising at 7.6 which is something I haven’t done in a while.

Sunday – 45 Min Precision Walk Elevate + 45 Min Pilates

My favorite Sunday workout class duo! In today’s treadmill walk class, we ranged inclines from 3 – 15%. My speed is mostly between 3.5 – 3.6 but we did have a speed section at a lower incline where I was as high as 4.7. So fun!

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