Perfect Workout Routine? (weekly workout recap)

A few things to note from last week!

-Once I fully adjust, I will appreciate the time change because it’s lighter again in the morning, even if it’s only for a few weeks. The earlier sunrises this time of year make it easier to get myself up and out the door.

-I didn’t have my Gemini issues and was able to easily figure out the perfect workout routine for the week — not that it means I will follow the same schedule every week. Things will naturally vary.

-I received an email to renew my subscription to Melissa Wood Health at the end of the month. I actually decided not to renew, not because I don’t love her workouts but because I am not using the platform enough to justify it. I can always join at any time so if I miss the workouts in the winter, I will sign up. I still 110% recommend Melissa Wood Health if you are looking for at-home basic yoga and excellent pilates workouts with options from 5 minutes – 45 minutes.

-If you missed my post on Friday, I shared a ton of new workout apparel that I’m loving — here’s the link.

-Last but not least, congrats to the runners of the New York City Marathon! It was pretty warm and humid yesterday which could not have made things easy. I felt pretty bad when I opened the door in the morning and felt the air — could only imagine what the runners were dealing with in those conditions.


Last Week’s Workouts

I usually walk on the treadmill before or after a class on days I don’t run. I don’t track it because I don’t pay attention to the time. Sometimes I have five minutes before class, 20 minutes before class, or 30 minutes after class. Sometimes it’s a combo of before and after class.

Monday – 20 Min Run + 45 MIn Spin

Tuesday – 45 MIn Barefoot Sculpt (2 lb weights + ball)

In case you were curious, this is the class description for Barefoot Sculpt:

A low-impact barefoot workout that blends pilates, barre, and lightweight sculpting.

Wednesday – 5 Mile Run (treadmill)

I alternated inclines with speed – always a challenge!

Thursday – 45 Min Barre (2 lb weights + band)

Friday – 45 Min Pilates (ball + ring)

Saturday – 20 Min Run + 45 Min Spin

Sunday – Precision Walk Elevate + Pilates

I love this class combo!

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