Workouts While in Florida + Rest of Week

Happy Monday!

I really needed the weekend to rest and reset after being in Florida for a really quick trip last week for work. And while the trip was for work, it was to Boca and did involve my best friend Heather which is just so cool to me. To think we ended up working in the same industry without it happening on purpose or because of the other is just so funny.

photo credit: Jeff Kolodny Photography

Heather was hosting an event industry networking event at her company and it was worth it to my company for me to attend. Amazing, right?

Last Week’s Workouts

While I was only in Florida for two mornings, it was a good opportunity to squeeze in Melissa Wood Health workouts from my hotel room.


It’s rarely worth it to me to bring running shoes for a hotel gym. I use trips as my opportunity for low-impact, hotel room workouts (it’s also a good way to pack less).

Monday – 3 Miles

A quick three miles run before my midday flight!

Tuesday – Melissa Wood Health Combo (bodyweight)

While yes, I prefer Equinox in-person classes, I still love Melissa and recommend her platform.

  • 17 Min Barre
  • 15 Min Standing Series
  • 10 Min Arms

Wednesday – Melissa Wood Health Combo (bodyweight)

  • 15 Min Standing Arms + Abs
  • 13 Min Standing Series

Thursday – Barre (2 lb weights + ball)

I was home and slept a little later than usual so I headed to the gym hoping to make it in time for barre but if I were late from traffic, I figured I would just run on the treadmill. While I obviously love to run, I really love the classes at Equinox — I made it in time for barre!

Friday – Pilates (ring)

Saturday – 20 Min Run + Spin

No joke, I hit 2.27 miles yet again at the 20-minute mark. I really don’t know how that happens because for real, after a one-mile warm-up, I never follow the same pattern — yet clearly, it works out the same.

Sunday – Precision Walk Elevate + Pilates (2 lb weights + ring)

Today’s treadmill walking class, which varies inclines (and speed although I mostly hold at 3.5 on average) for about 45 minutes, had us at a 15% incline for four minutes — very proud of myself for that one!

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