Needed A Running Break (weekly workout recap)

Between the holiday taking up Monday and Tuesday and then jumping back into the shortened work week, I didn’t get myself together enough to post more than my workouts last week. I hope to share some recent meals or a few favorites this Friday! Don’t hold me to it, we shall see. But I’m hopeful!

Last Week’s Workouts

I went from running outside for the first time in well over a month (and much faster than I recall in recent memory for an outdoor run thanks to my speed work on the treadmill!) to not wanting to run again for a few days. I’m not sure what happened, but I was tired and needed a running break. Luckily, my variety of Equinox classes keeps me happy and busy even when I’m not running.

Monday – 5 Miles (outside)

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Pilates (no props)

Thursday – Barre (2 lb weights + block)

I’m so happy to be doing barre workouts again. This class was just SO GOOD.


Friday – Pilates (2 lb weights + ring)

This pilates class is packed and with good reason — the instructor is fabulous and really offers me a nice variety when it comes to pilates. I love the other pilates instructor too but the classes are different enough to feel like I’m doing totally different pilates exercises.


Saturday – 1 Mile Run + Spin

I couldn’t decide if I was up for my usual few miles followed by spin, skipping a run and just doing spin, or skipping spin and choosing to run.

I ran a mile and felt like myself but at that moment, still couldn’t fully decide what I wanted to do. Ultimately I chose to spin without running more than the mile warm-up to give myself a little more time off from full-on running.

Sunday – Precision Walk Treadmill Class + Pilates (no props)

I still love this treadmill walking class so much! We ranged inclines from 3% to 15% — time files during this class.

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